I love the internet because your voice can be heard. I hate the internet because you can’t sense a person’s voice or sarcasm. So, Victoria Beckham celebrated a birthday yesterday and tweeted a picture of a fruit plate with “Happy Birthday Victoria” around the edge in probably what was chocolate syrup.

US Magazine picked up the tweet and ran a short story about how she recently was seen eating only arugula sans dressing at an LA eatery.

I posted this on my Tumblr blog:

This is a picture Victoria Beckham posted on twitter for her birthday celebration. While it makes me a little bit sad… people are quick to assume this is a replacement for cake. I completely understand if someone else made this for her, knowing her dietary preferences. My friends in college got me a small Coldstone with my favorite toppings knowing I didn’t want a full cake lying around for days after.

Granted it’s just fruit but she very well may have received this from her agent or something! On another note, I feel bad for people who think fruit is as satisfying as Birthday cake.

Quick note: I LOVE mango and would be more than satisfied with a huge stack of it for my birthday but Victoria publicly acknowledges she practically is anorexic. We are different species.

And this is what someone wrote back to me in response:

just because someone is eating healthy dessert on birthday or not a cake but anything that makes them happy then its GOOD you miss sarah have no right to judge it ..if she had posted this on any random day would u still call her that? like seriously? anonymous

Am I taking crazy pills or is this response kinda out of left field? I don’t understand why people are so quick to defend Victoria Beckham. She publicly acknowledges that she hardly eats. She is glamorized by the media as beautiful and attractive. Girls and women look up to her and strive for her physique and self-discipline. This is not something to envy in my opinion. If she could have 200 calories of cake and be satisfied, that is something to envy in my opinion. And lastly, I never assumed this was INSTEAD of cake. I simply mentioned that perhaps a dear friend of hers gave this to her knowing she is health conscious as my friends did in college.

Do you envy women with self-control like Victoria? Do you pity her for not allowing herself to eat cake or being able to enjoy it? Do you truly believe she would rather have fruit over cake (health and calories aside)? There are so many angles to look at this, and to be honest, it’s making me tired. I hate over analyzing this shit but when I post something stupid and get angry responses it does make look deeper into what I meant.


Victoria Beckham Celebrates Birthday With Fruit

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  • Casey

    I don’t think her eating habits are any of our business, to be honest with you. That said, I do love how honest she is with the media, she makes NO apologies for her lifestyle. I think she’s one of the coolest celebs out there.

    • Sarah

      Good point! I do agree with you but I do like to point out to people who envy her body that she’s not “naturally” that thin but that she pays strict and close attention to what she puts in her mouth. To look like her, depending on your genetics and everything else you do need to give up the occasional splurge.

  • callie mcbride

    You are very quick to insist that she shares with the world that she barely eats. How do you know this? It seems to me that unless you literally know what a person is eating all day, it isn’t entirely fair to make that type of claim.

  • Samantha

    In response to Callie mcbride- I just googled the subject of Victoria Beckham and anorexia, and it seemed pretty apparent that she has struggled with the disease in the past. Also, when someone is as frail as she is and is ordering a small plate of greens at a restaurant, and has a history of anorexia, I don’t think it’s quite necessary to literally know what a person is eating all day to figure out that she is not eating enough calories.

  • Kindal

    If it weren’t for the calories, dairy and sugar in cake, I would chow down on it for breakfast lunch and dinner personally. Sarah, I think you make some great points and I agree, that it’s time to not over analyze. We can’t be certain that this wasn’t a lunch time dessert and Beckham had a cake waiting for her (okay a bit unlikely) but you just never know, right?
    Rest up, don’t overanalyze, I think it’s best to leave this story as is.

  • Meg

    First I have to say to Sarah I don’t think you’re judging her -- it seems more like sharing the subject and giving a little personal opinion. So that response to me seems off base but anyway -- there isn’t enough room here for my chatter bc I could go on and on about this subject. I think good for her if she choses fruit over cake. I never heard about this yesterday -- very intersting topic!!

  • Devon

    I agree with the above. Why even get yourself involved in what others are eating? When people do this it seems to me they are just comparing themselves to that person and trying to put them down to make themselves feel better for their choices. She is skinny, she eats fruit, she is happy, she enjoys it. Good for her! Why take the time to worry about her habits? She can eat what she wants and do what she wants. I sometimes feel that people like to criticize people for this just to make themselves feel better for how they eat.

  • Stephanie

    Hey, who’s to say that wasn’t her birthday breakfast? I just love when anonymous commenters get all up in a tizzy over a few words. Sometimes, people just need to step back from the keyboard.

  • Veronica S.

    The reason why people are interested and critical is because she is a public figure and a woman. Like it or not, she will be judged. She is a representative of our gender and acts as a role model to many young woman and girls all over the world. She is not a health conscious individual. Her diet is not healthy. Being borderline anorexic is not healthy. Yes, fruit as a substitute for cake is a healthy route, but she does not reflect what a healthy diet and lifestyle looks like as a whole.

  • Callie

    I will never have the body Victoria Beckham has. I have curves. As I lose weight, those curves simply become more exaggerated (sure, i’m losing inches everywhere-hips, chest, waist, thighs), but I am doing it in a way that is NOT gonna make me personally bat-poop bonkers. That means enjoying a sweet here and there. Basically 2-3 meals a week, I allow myself a little more freedom than normal. If I didn’t have that meal to look forward to (its usually planned out the week before while I’m planning out what I’ll eat for the next week), I wouldn’t be so successful at staying on my nutritional plan. She wants fruit for her b-day-whatever, its her call! But I think its very wrong for any of us to be idolizing what her or any of the women that have been starving themselves for years have….I wanna be STRONG, not a waif.

  • Colleen

    Personally, I would eat cake for every meal if I could- but I can’t so a nice plate of fruit sounds pretty good. I think this situation is being analyzed a little too much, there are so many variables that we aren’t getting here. Sure, she may not eat a lot, but is she getting everything necessary she needs daily? Does she have food restrictions? My sister can not eat gluten, soy or nuts, a plate of fruit would be the perfect birthday dessert for her. Or maybe, she just really likes fruit. I don’t idolize Victoria (other than being posh spice- but that’s a different story) but, if you gotta give her credit for anything, it’s self control.

  • Kashmira

    VB just needs more and more attention. She is so sad, constantly drawing attention to herself, with leaks to the press and twitter messages. It’s embarassing. It isn’t a coincidence that the press happen to be outside the restaurant that she is leaving after a birthday celebration, is it? Or the press learn that she accidently left her son home when she was supposed to be doing his school run? Or…whatever.

  • Bianca

    My mother would definitely choose fruit over cake. She hates cake, and that’s just the way she is. She’s been like that since she was born. I’m not talking specifically about Victoria Beckham. If she was just another random girl, I think people are quick to judge someone who chooses to eat fruit rather than a birthday cake (simply because she wants to. Not because she’s FORCED to) by calling her an “anorexic” or has an eating disorder, but no one says anything about a fat girl eating her fourth serving of the cake.


    So tired of the “let’s not be judgemental” posts, and “hey, its fruit and healthy and better than cake.”
    The fact is, she appears very underweight. Her bones protrude. And she’s had 4 children. How don’t care how genetically blessed you are via the genepool She barely eats, period.
    Women who disingenuously support her image because she is a celebrity are doing all us women a disservice.
    Be real y’all.

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