Victoria Beckham Celebrates Birthday With Fruit

I love the internet because your voice can be heard. I hate the internet because you can’t sense a person’s voice or sarcasm. So, Victoria Beckham celebrated a birthday yesterday and tweeted a picture of a fruit plate with “Happy Birthday Victoria” around the edge in probably what was chocolate syrup.

US Magazine picked up the tweet and ran a short story about how she recently was seen eating only arugula sans dressing at an LA eatery.

I posted this on my Tumblr blog:

This is a picture Victoria Beckham posted on twitter for her birthday celebration. While it makes me a little bit sad… people are quick to assume this is a replacement for cake. I completely understand if someone else made this for her, knowing her dietary preferences. My friends in college got me a small Coldstone with my favorite toppings knowing I didn’t want a full cake lying around for days after.

Granted it’s just fruit but she very well may have received this from her agent or something! On another note, I feel bad for people who think fruit is as satisfying as Birthday cake.

Quick note: I LOVE mango and would be more than satisfied with a huge stack of it for my birthday but Victoria publicly acknowledges she practically is anorexic. We are different species.

And this is what someone wrote back to me in response:

just because someone is eating healthy dessert on birthday or not a cake but anything that makes them happy then its GOOD you miss sarah have no right to judge it ..if she had posted this on any random day would u still call her that? like seriously? anonymous

Am I taking crazy pills or is this response kinda out of left field? I don’t understand why people are so quick to defend Victoria Beckham. She publicly acknowledges that she hardly eats. She is glamorized by the media as beautiful and attractive. Girls and women look up to her and strive for her physique and self-discipline. This is not something to envy in my opinion. If she could have 200 calories of cake and be satisfied, that is something to envy in my opinion. And lastly, I never assumed this was INSTEAD of cake. I simply mentioned that perhaps a dear friend of hers gave this to her knowing she is health conscious as my friends did in college.

Do you envy women with self-control like Victoria? Do you pity her for not allowing herself to eat cake or being able to enjoy it? Do you truly believe she would rather have fruit over cake (health and calories aside)? There are so many angles to look at this, and to be honest, it’s making me tired. I hate over analyzing this shit but when I post something stupid and get angry responses it does make look deeper into what I meant.


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