Get Bikini Fit with Barre & Physique 57 Exercises!

Today I bring you a YouTube workout video featuring my favorite butt toning moves inspired by Bar Method (or Barre) and Physique 57 exercise classes. For the past year, these type of workouts have been my favorite for tightening up trouble areas. While I have larger quads than I’d like, these exercises help target and lift the booty without creating bigger thighs! This video features Lauren Hefez, who is my friend and a favorite instructor here in Boston who never ceases to make me smile during class. She is always this bubbly!

Best of all, if you want to win my outfit from DA Active (just the tank and capris), watch the video on YouTube and leave a comment (ON YOUTUBE). Not here. You can leave one here too of course, but to enter the contest, it must be on YouTube and you might as well subscribe to my channel while you’re at it, but you don’t have to of course to enter.

Here is the workout below as well:

Lift and Lower: Holding on to the back of a chair or bench, extend left leg long behind you with a pointed toe. Lift leg up as high as you can, give your glute a squeeze and lower down. Repeat 16x. After, keep your leg lifted, flex foot and pulse for another count of 16 at the very top really squeezing into your booty!

Bend Presses: Keep leg lifted and slightly open your hips. Bend leg slightly and press out as straight as your leg will go. Repeat 16x

Standing Donkey Kicks: Take a large step back from the bar or chair. Fold over the top and allow head to rest on hands and forearms rest on the back of the chair. With left leg bent at 90 degrees, raise it up as high as you can go and lower back down keeping knee bent. Squeeze glute at the top. Repeat 16x. Keep foot as high as you can go and pulse for 16 more counts, keeping foot flexed entire time.

Circles: With left leg still bent and at the top, draw 8 circles to the left with your knee, repeat to the right all while thigh is as close to parallel with the ground as possible.

Repeat these 4 exercises on the right side!

Plie Jumps: Begin in sumo squat position. Lower down so that your pelvis stays tucked and your chest remains open, try not to let chest collapse forward. Lower down into a squat and jump back up, clicking heels in mid-air and back into a jump squat. Perform 10 jumps.

Repeat this sequence 3 or 4 more times for an awesome glute burning workout!!!

Have you tried Barre Burn, The Bar Method, Core Fusion at Exhale or Physique 57? Are you as in love as I am? Why or why not?

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