Video: Maternity Fashion Haul

The time has come to put on my maternity jeans and dance. While I’m still wearing most of my regular clothes, I am not wearing my regular jeans – that is for sure! I have bought a few tops and bottoms but went on a mini spree during week 24 at Destination Maternity in Braintree for pants, bras and tops. They carry items from Motherhood Maternity and Pea in a Pod. Pea in a Pod includes expensive/designer collections and Motherhood Maternity includes more affordable lines. For example, jeans were $39.99, buy one get one half off.

maternity clothes picture funny

They also have these pads to try on the clothes with to see what you will look like later in pregnancy. I of course put it on for fun.

Full disclosure, this video is sponsored by Motherhood Maternity but I loved everything I took home. I hope you enjoy this fun little vlog I shot while trying on various articles of clothing and embracing my new curves. My bump looks a lot bigger in maternity clothes!

Check out Motherhood Maternity to find the items included in this video as well as other cute items!

Video: Maternity Fashion Haul

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  • Sarah @ Sweet Miles

    Love that plaid top and that beige/white striped shirt, AND that black and white striped dress! Sexy mama! 🙂 I have loved Motherhood Maternity/Destination Maternity and agree with you that the Jessica Simpson line was by far the cutest/least frumpy and surprisingly affordable! Win win! I recently bought several nursing “sports” bras there as well. Is it weird that I’m excited to wear them because they just look that comfortable?? Make sure you get on their email list, they send coupons out all the time!

  • C

    LOVE Motherhood jeans, I picked up a pair with a houndstooth design that I really don’t want to give up post-partum, lol. I really like the black and white striped dress you picked out, I may have to check that one out (my wallet screams)…

  • Danielle K.

    Love the black and white striped dress on you, I hope you got that one! I’m only 18 weeks and have been wearing maternity clothes since 12 weeks when all of my regular pants got too uncomfortable (this is my second). Bought tons of stuff at Motherhood Maternity and love it all. One of my favorite pieces is a Jessica Simpson shirt very similar to the white and tan striped shirt you tried on in this video. I was pregnant with my first baby 6 years ago and maternity clothes were no where near as cute as they are now! I have really enjoyed maternity clothes shopping this time.

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