Pregnancy Update: Week 26 – Into the 3rd Trimester

They say pregnancy is 40 weeks which in fact is 10 months, not 9. Technically the trimesters should then be after 13.33 weeks, 26.67 weeks and then 40 of course. However, if you google it, you’ll find people who say the third trimester begins after 28 weeks. Mentally I feel like I’ve just turned a corner so for me, I feel like I’m in the final leg of the race.

3rd Trimester Pic

Baby Update

Baby is officially 14 inches long and weighs about 2 lbs. One app says he is the size of a coconut, another a head of lettuce and lastly a butternut squash. These things are all very different sizes in my opinion. I really think there should be a note as to whether the produce items are organic or not. The best one I think says he is the same size as a bowling pin.

Weight Gained

I have officially reached the 17lbs gained mark! With 13 weeks to go, this will have me at 30 total lbs by 40 weeks which would be awesome! I have a feeling though between Thanksgiving and Christmas if the average person gains 5 lbs, I’m going to gain a lot more. I’ve waited my whole life to eat like a pregnant lady and the fact that my last month falls during the most glutenous time of year is kind of awesome. I might have to work harder to lose the weight but I’m pretty sure it will all be worth it.



So, I decided to give running a little bit of a break. On Sunday, Nick and I went for a brisk 30 minute walk. Monday I ran for 60 minutes which ended up being about 5 miles. Tuesday I took Pilates at BTone and wore a new shirt from Tracksmith a local new athletic clothing company.

While I was supposed to run on Wednesday, it rained all day! I last minute signed up for a 45 minute indoor cycling class and was glad I did. Thursday, I did 15 minutes of prenatal yoga. This Prenatal Yoga DVD is amazing! I bought it on Amazon and highly recommend it for people who like a challenging Vinyasa with pregnancy modifications. Warning: It’s not super easy or for beginners like most prenatal yoga classes I’ve tried.

Prenatal Yoga

Today, I was supposed to run 9 miles. The last longish run for my half marathon training. The weather was cool and I felt great! My average pace was a 10:30 minute mile.  I made plans to have breakfast with a friend and had to cut it short to 6 miles due to timing and potential rain in the afternoon. I feel guilty I didn’t get in the full workout but I didn’t stop once to pee and felt really strong so I’m going to just end the Friday on a high note like that. Are those 3 miles really going to make that big of a difference on race day!?


Heart burn!!!! Heart burn was killer this week, especially while running. Baby was kicking like a wild monster all week, too. I love it. I tried wearing these BellyBuds to see if he would enjoy some music but each time I put them on, he wouldn’t move. Sorry for the TMI picture. My belly button hasn’t “popped” yet but it’s on the way… And I also have the sexy linea nigra line which is super weird.

Belly Buds

I’ve noticed I am starting to lose energy in the afternoon and have had to add back in a little nap. I’m thankful I have this ability. Also, I feel out of breath sometimes doing absolutely nothing. I have to do these deep breaths to feel “normal.”


I again haven’t had many cravings specific to pregnancy. I did get the new iPhone 6s and have been busy snapping pictures of my food since!

spinach tomatoe bacon cheese

This grilled cheese with bacon, spinach and tomato from Render Cafe was outstanding. I love cheese and gluten these days.

egg avocado ezekial english muffin

I really wanted an English muffin with peanut butter and jelly so I compromised and had one half like that and the other with avocado and egg because I thought the baby would be like the protein and heart healthy fats.


Slow cooker chicken tacos with peppers, avocado and salsa was my lunch today and dinner last night.

Looking Forward To…

A week from today, I get to see my little man once again during an ultra sound! This is because of my low lying placenta as I have mentioned in previous posts. I am hoping that everything looks good. If it doesn’t, I’ll have a much longer weekly update next week as I may not be able to run my half and will have to consider my C-section options. I’ll also know if I passed my glucose screening!

The half marathon is two weeks from Sunday and I’m pretty excited to not travel after it until after LittleFit is born!

Anything else…

Almost a year ago, I was preparing to run the Chicago Marathon. Nick was in Germany for work and came straight to Chicago to watch me run. Since his annual work trip coincides with Oktoberfest I was going to join him this year. While I thought I could still go, he did not think a beer festival in Europe was the best place for his son to be at 27 weeks in the womb. We thought of this when we decided to start a family in 2015 but I was convinced I could totally go and hang sober. I know this baby is going to change my life as I know it from sleeping to travel to general anxiety that comes with loving someone so much you would do anything to make sure they were never in harms way but didn’t think it would happen until he arrived. I expected to be jealous that I wasn’t going and I am a little bummed but the thought of getting on a plane to Munich and then staying up until 3am in a tent with a bunch of drunk people does sound miserable right now. I’m glad Nick talked me out of trying to go. Not sure what I was thinking, then again I did travel 90% of my first trimester.

Instead, I get to hang out at home, just me and LittleFit, rainy weekend and all – organizing, decluttering, and relaxing, maybe even some pampering or baking! Sounds perfect to me.

3rd trimester not edited

Would you have gone to Oktoberfest if you were me?

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