Video Recap: I Ran a Half Marathon at 29 Weeks Pregnant

I mentioned that I was planning to shoot a video during my half marathon and here it is. See me go from smiles to literal tears… of joy because I’m happy to take a break from running for the next 5 or so months!


If you ran during your pregnancy, I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Prior to this race, I tried to do some research on what it would be like to run one at 28/29 weeks* pregnant. I didn’t find a ton of information that was relevant to my particular situation so I’d love for you to share your experiences below for others to follow.

No two pregnancies are alike. I go to Mass General Hospital in Boston and was approved to run by my doctors. They warned me it may get uncomfortable with the incontinence but as long as I felt good I could do it safely. Read my full recap here.

*I’m not sure if my due date is 1/6 or 1/3 – my doctors use both. So depending on what date you use at I was either 28 weeks plus 4 days or exactly 29 weeks.

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