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During my first trimester, I craved salty foods and fruit. I couldn’t get enough. One day for lunch I had just a bag of potato chips. Those that know me well however, are well aware of my love for sweets. Being pregnant in the summer in Cape Cod was like a dream come true. Lobster rolls, ice cream sundaes and weekend scones, guilt free? Yes, please! Thank you stars for aligning to make my 2015 summer diet similar to that of my pre-college self when I didn’t know what a weight watcher point was.

Let me be honest though. My guilt free diet is still loaded with salads, water, minimally processed foods, zero artificial sugars (I even gave up gum) and mostly organic food when purchased from a grocery store and prepared at home. I’m not eating the foods mentioned above on a regular basis but rather on just the weekends.

During pregnancy though, cravings are not limited to just the weekends. As a result, I’ve discovered healthier alternatives for those days in between my fun meals.

Instead of potato chips, I opt for popped chip alternatives. I make homemade pizza using Health Starts Here Sprouted Black Bean dough from Whole Foods – Nick hated this. Instead of ordering pancakes at brunch, I make my own high protein version. And rather than a tub of ice cream, I enjoy Perfectly Free frozen treats.



These ice cream like treats are only 25-35 calories a pop and are free of soy, dairy, gluten, peanuts, almonds and cashews – perfect for anyone with a ton of allergies or food sensitivities. Surprisingly they taste just like ice cream which comes from a coconut cream base.

Salted Caramel Perfectly Free



They come in four different flavors; blueberry, cherry, salted caramel and chocolate. The center of each is vanilla. I have tried the salted caramel and the chocolate. The chocolate is more of a dark chocolate versus a sweet milk flavor. The salted caramel is really outstanding but for those like me that enjoy sweeter desserts. Perfectly Free

They do taste natural and have no weird after taste. They aren’t made with anything artificial but still, I’m always skeptical. They also do not have any type of icy texture like some non dairy ice cream alternatives. Perfectly Free 2

I couldn’t believe when I bit into the frozen treats at how soft and creamy the center was. You can easily eat them with your hands and they don’t get all dirty. I would just make sure that your hands are clean 😉 Perfectly Free 3

I’m not restricting what I eat in any way but I think Little Fit and my post baby body will appreciate me not eating terribly 7 days a week. I have dessert every day but it’s not a 500 calorie cookie. The Perfectly Free bites allow me to satisfy my cravings after lunch and still have room for maybe a cookie after dinner – or vice versa. 🙂

You can buy them at most major retail grocery stores. I bought mine at Star Market in Boston.

Have you tried these yet? So good. There are 8 bites that come in a package and while they do retail at $5 a pop, that is less than your Pinkberry fix. You can also get a $1 coupon online.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Incredible Innovations®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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