Warriors in Pink & New Studio Announcement

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know half of what I’m going to announce but I am excited to share that I am one of twenty 2014 Models of Courage for Ford Warriors in Pink. WIP is a program Ford Created to do its part in the fight against breast cancer through raising funds for charities that can use the resources to best help men and women battling the disease. They gives 100% of its net proceeds to the cause. To date, they have donated over $125 Million. It’s not just a month awareness program, but Ford is in the fight 365 days a year.

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In it’s 20th year, Warriors in Pink raises money through apparel and accessories at FordCares.com. Studies have shown that when people see someone wearing breast cancer awareness items, it makes them think twice about their own breast health, helping increase early detection. When you purchase an item, you have the ability to choose which charity your money goes to between Susan G Komen, Dr Susan Love Foundation, Young Survivor Coalition and The Pink Fund.

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While breast cancer is genetic for many, your risk factors are also directly related to your level of activity, diet and environment. One of the big reasons I like to eat as organic as possible and use nontoxic household and cosmetic products is because many studies have linked these fat soluble toxins like pesticides and parabens to cancer. Your body lacks the ability to remove them since they like to find homes in your fat cells, and when enough of them accumulate, some studies suggest they turn into tumors and then cancer which spreads throughout your body. I share some other thoughts on my MOC profile.

What has always been frustrating for me with breast cancer awareness is how many products say they promote the breast cancer cause but really they contain some of the above mentioned harmful ingredients that may be contributing to it! Warriors in Pink is focused on clothing sales which is why I’m excited to be a part of it. One of my best friends in high school lost her mother to breast cancer our senior year and I saw how devastating the disease was first hand to families. Catching a lump early on or making small lifestyle changes can reduce your odds of this happening to you or your family. Two of the MOC’s were under the age of 30 when they first learned they had breast cancer which was really shocking to me.

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So, what they heck am I going to be doing? First off, I am not being compensated for my participation but I am going to be given the access to use a 2014 Ford Fusion for 6 months with gas and insurance paid for. Me and my car will be traveling around sharing stories from inspiring survivors, how you can reduce your risk, and more. I’m excited to shoot my first video later this week with my friend Faryn, whose family I mentioned above. I’m also hoping to be running a few races around the country on behalf of Susan G Komen.

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I was in Sedona, Arizona in March with the other Models taking pictures to show off the new line of clothes. Thirteen of the MOC’s are breast cancer survivors, two are sisters or daughters or survivors, 3 of us are YouTubers, 1 is a celebrity Yoga Trainer and 1 is a singer. You can meet all of us here. 

My favorite is the Warrior Swing Tank – seen above!

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Second Annoucnement – I am going to be training at a new gym in addition to Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston in the South End called Burn! I will be teaching two different classes, Tabata Burn and Power Burn, both 45 minutes long. It is a brand new studio that just opened this month and is gorgeous inside. IMG 0041

Classes are only $15 and if you have ClassPass, you can sign up for my classes right now Tuesday at 7:15pm, Wednesday at 12pm and Thursday at 8am. They also offer row machine workouts using the IndoRow!

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