Matching The Right Gear To Your Workout

Learn more about what type of styles you should be wearing for different activities in my newest video below featuring some new products just in time for hot weather running like the ClimaChill tank top that is made with materials engineered to conduct heat away from your body.

I also show off my yoga head stand skills so be sure to watch! Some of the styles featured are below including are my favorite boyfriend capri sweatpants. I love to wear these for warming up before working out outdoors.


Also seen above are my beloved Energy Boost sneakers. I talk about these on here but you guys know how much I love these shoes.

Also featured in the video is this yoga outfit seen below minus the shoes which helped me get such great air. Granted there are no jumping poses in yoga but who cares. The picture taken by Lucie looks great, right? sarahfit_2536(1)

I love to wear tight tops like this orange TechFit tank to yoga because I hate when they are loose and fall over my head when I do a head stand or downward facing dog. The black yoga pants are no brainers. I wear them all day, why wouldn’t I wear them for what they are actually meant for?

There are more outfits featured so be sure to watch

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