I’ve always been a little reserved on my blog. When Nick and I started dating (nine years ago), he did not want to be featured on it and that was fine. I had been doing YouTube videos long enough at that point to get that people’s privacy should be respected, especially when it comes to social media and specifically YouTube.

I built a thick skin early on because I had to. People called me overweight, a bitch, ugly, weird nose, blah blah blah… I tuned out the comments and stayed focused. I basically created my dream job and wasn’t going to let some trolls keep me from pursuing this new career.

Then I had friends guest star in videos here and there. Even they were not exempt from the nasty online comments. I tried to delete them but not before their feelings were hurt. So, I stuck to the more professional type of videos on YouTube featuring workouts and recipes rather than shine a light on my personal life.

Then I started to notice that my more personal videos and images on Instagram do really well. People were so kind and loved seeing Tommy. I decided maybe it was time to do a little more family stuff on my YouTube channel.

I decided to commit for 8 weeks to doing a family-style vlog featuring my day to day stuff once a week. The initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive even if one dude wondered if it was necessary for me to be nursing in one of the shots. He thought I was trying to show off. I really didn’t even have an answer for that it’s such an absurd claim.

Then I uploaded this video yesterday:

And I should have known better…

Well, maybe I shouldn’t have chosen the week Tommy went in for his 12 month check up and the Women’s March to start… Vaccines and politics in my first family vlog probably wasn’t the way to go but I had already committed to starting that week.

I managed to piss off a few people but the majority of the comments were positive. I honestly didn’t think I was being very political and now I realize how naive that was of me. I now am questioning how much of Tommy I should even put in the next 7 videos. Am I being an asshole parent for putting him on my YouTube channel? How do the daily family vloggers deal with haters commenting on their family or children!?

I kept him off my social media channels for so long and have slowly added him because it’s how my family that lives far away sees him, especially my dad (who doesn’t have FaceTime or picture text messages and is a religious reader of SarahFit). Hi Dad! No one has said anything negative about or towards Tommy… yet. But am I really going to wait for that to happen?

I’m sharing the video here on my blog because I put time into filming and editing the video. It gives a small glimpse of what my life is now like. If you like the family vlog (politics or not), let me know in the comments. I’m going to try to do them for 8 straight weeks and decide if I want to continue at that point.

One YouTube comment did strike me and I should address that I do feel that people are entitled to different opinions, specifically this person was talking about vaccines. I said that people who don’t vaccinate their kids haven’t done enough research and I should have said that after doing my own research, I chose to vaccinate my child. It’s a ten minute video and the politics really are only like 30 seconds of the entire thing. You’re missing out on some cute Tommy video if you skip it.

Peace.  ✌????

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