We Moved… Again!

We weren’t planning to move but something unexpected happened. Back in September, I saw a listing that I thought Nick would find intriguing working in real estate. We went to the open house and he fell in love. Pushing my third trimester, I was overwhelmed at the thought of moving before the baby was born but agreed it was a good investment and we should pursue the opportunity. Three months later, we moved out of the unit he owned and bought our first home together.

This is why I wanted LittleFit to stay put and not come early! I was so nervous about going into labor as movers would arrive. I hadn’t set up a nursery because I never unpacked my gifts from the baby shower and knew we would be moving. I dreaded people asking me how it was coming along.

Moving Boxes

My mom helped pack us up last weekend and we finished the rest on Sunday and Monday. As always, I tried to clean out the fridge before leaving which is why we ate out so much last week. 

For our last dinner, I had a Good Food Made Simple Meatball Marinara Wrap which was really, really good for being something I microwaved for 2 minutes. No, I didn’t professionally photograph it, but trust me when I say it tasted better than it looks.

Good Food Made Simple

We moved out on Tuesday morning, stored our stuff in the moving truck overnight, and then moved into the new place yesterday due to closings. The movers were supposed to come at 10am Wednesday morning, then called to say 2:30pm, then arrived at 4:30pm! So at 8pm last night, all of our stuff was finally in our new home all boxed up.

The new place is still in the South End in Boston but closer to Back Bay Station than Mass Ave Station. Literally a ten minute walk from our old spot but it feels so much closer to many of my favorite studios and cafes – except Burn Fitness Studio!

How much did I help with the move? That probably depends on who you ask 🙂 I think I was helpful??? I tried to take it easy but felt really good. It was hard not to try to do stuff like move boxes around. I didn’t lift anything too heavy and felt pretty energized all day. They say you get a surge of energy in the final stretch of pregnancy when it comes to organizing and preparing for baby’s arrival. I think this was it.

Did you move while pregnant? Apparently, lots of people do it despite the stress of it all.

We Moved… Again!

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  • Stivaly

    Congrats on the move. I didn’t move while pregnant but I did get in the mood to organize and reorganize all the baby stuff. They said that is call the nesting stage. I did however get a lot of stuff I didn’t need so keep your recipe and don’t open anything unless you need it.

    • Sarah

      I am! However -- what did you do about baby clothes? I feel like I bought too much 0-3 month but want to wash clothes but don’t want to take off tag in case I did buy too much!?

      • Mel

        I doubt you’ve purchased too much! With all the pooping and spitting up you’ll probably need 3 outfits per day! Good luck!

  • http://meganlike.blogspot.com

    congrats on your new home, maybe i will move to area of B. too then i will have to pack all my stuff and ship it in boxes as it will be move over continents -- I afraid a little bit, If I will find job and stuff like that, but I want to try, and will finaly meet my long distance and never seen in real boyfriend.
    I will then have to get to know the city of Boston and see where are my favorite shops and places to go.
    Will be also new chapter of my life i hope.

  • Ellen

    Congrats!! Similar situation here…28 weeks pregnant and planning a move from NYC to Boston for my husband’s job! We had planned on moving around 35 weeks, but we’re trying to delay until after the baby gets here (since my doctor is here!). We were just in Boston this weekend checking out the different neighborhoods -- my first visit. Exciting!
    Best of luck!

    • Sarah

      I would recommend trying to move before baby! Boston has some of the best hospitals in the country. It will be much harder with a newborn. You will have a harder time unpacking -- my sister moved with a newborn in August and still has boxes yet to be unpacked. Her husband travels a ton for work and she also has a toddler though -- are you moving to Boston or outside the city?

  • Ashley

    At 25 weeks we have not only moved but are doing a renovation to the house (with a toddler). We are tackling the major part before there are 2 kids. It should all be done this week. Then the only thing left before baby comes is to replace the floor in the nursery. Next year we will still need to replace the flooring in 3 other bedrooms and redo the bathrooms (one at a time).

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