Wedding Weekend in Philly

On Friday, I flew down to Philadelphia for a friend’s wedding, the third wedding weekend in a row.

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I started the day off sweaty with a visit to Barry’s Bootcamp, where I teach on Monday’s. Lucie, the queen of photographing Boston’s fitness professionals and also Tone It Up community member, was also there to join me for a total body workout. We both wore our heart rate monitors and burned over 600 calories during the hour long class thanks to Brian. He is one of the owners and a great instructor. I find myself laughing at his comments or dance moves frequently, taking my mind off how hard the work really is. Try his class for real butt kicking.

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Afterwards, I had a peanut butter and jelly smoothie from the fuel bar while getting ready to head off to the airport. Our quick hour flight was delayed thirty minutes on the runway but it was worth it verses driving 5.5 hours. When we arrived, someone wanted to get a Philly Cheesesteak. We were given the suggestion of trying Jim’s Steaks. Now one of us got a “cheesesteak with whiz” and don’t kill me, but I got a veggies sub that was seriously amazing. I was starving by the time we arrived at Jim’s, and was shocked to see a vegetarian option. I ordered provolone, grilled onions, peppers, and mushrooms with pizza sauce. It tasted like a veggie pizza not surprisingly and I was very happy.

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We walked all the way from the South Street location through the historical area back to our hotel. I was exhausted and happy I wore my new Jawbone UP that was sent to me from friends at Verizon. Sadly, I do have to give it back but am having fun with it so far. IMG 5126

You wear the bracelet that tracks your steps and also sleep. You pull off the silver end that says, “jawbone” above and plug into the headphone outlet of your iPhone and the info is transferred to your smart phone. By just 4:30, I had walked a total 7.17 miles (which included my treadmill action I think at Barry’s). I’m not positive how accurate the calorie burn info is nor am I sure if I’m using it properly, but I’m having fun so far.

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That night, we had a lovely rehearsal dinner at Del Frisco’s complete with crab cakes and steaks. I was tempted by the salmon on the menu but since I had already passed up steak once, I decided to give it a go and I was very happy with my decision.

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The next morning, I went on a 7 mile jog throughout the city and of course ran up the Rocky Steps. I love to discover cities on foot. I went through some of the cutest neighborhoods that I had no idea existed in the city of brotherly love. They reminded me of Beacon Hill.

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The ceremony took place in a beautiful church, not too far from our hotel. My friends Kristy and Justin looked gorgeous.

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In between the ceremony and the reception, we stopped by BRU, a german beer garden to kill some time and grab some food. I had a yummy apple cider and falafel sandwich in an attempt to pace my day. While the boys watched football at the bar, the ladies sat to eat and chat naturally. My friend Aimee flew in from Chicago that morning and had to work in Philly at 7 am on Sunday… still not sure how she pulled it off but she is a professional at having fun.

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The rest of the evening was perfect. From the fabulous cocktail hour, the amazing band to the delicious food, I danced until the wee hours of the morning. Justin and Kristy are friends of mine from the Cape. Most of our summer weekend crew traveled down from Boston for the very special weekend.

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Despite having a blast on the dance floor, and starting the “One More Song” chant (to which they played, It’s Tricky from Can’t Hardly Wait soundtrack… amaze balls), I did not forget my party favor of course.IMG 5163

But did end up drinking it at the after party… along with half a five hour energy that was perfectly placed next to the bar on a serving platter. These two events are probably why my sunday consisted of lying on the couch all day.

IMG 5173

I have one more wedding before the end of the year and am ready to say good bye to open bars until next summer! At 29, I’m still not very good with them.

IMG 5154

My dress is by Shoshanna and I bought it at Crush Boutique on Newbury Street for my fashionable readers. It was a splurge but I know I’ll get a ton of wear out of it, as long as I don’t post pictures on here every time I do. 🙂

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