Week in Workouts: Balancing Mom Life w/ Toddler

I shared on Instagram today that I’m feeling a little burnt out.


Confession: I’m feeling burnt out. Not about exercising or working out, but talking about health. I see so much passion on social media for healthy recipes and losing weight and I’m like, “I’ve been talking about this for 10 years… I’m ready to move on.” I’ve found a healthy place where I can eat cookies and drink wine on a weekly basis without feeling guilty but I don’t want to talk about it. I want to inspire people but I’m feeling uninspired myself. My weight loss videos seem to do 1000x better than any workout or mommy post but I’m just like… blahhhh thinking about creating new “weight loss” content. If I’ve helped you lose weight, let me know in the comments below. If you follow me for Tommy/Mommy posts or workouts, let me know below as well so I can decide what I should be most excited about! Also, how do Instagrammers sound so enthusiastic in all their millennial lingo?! I’m like, it’s a “muffin” how are you so excited about every goddamn gluten free muffin you make/see?!?

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It seems like a lot of you enjoy how I balance being a mom while working and working out so I’m going to try to share more of that stuff with you. As you know, I’ve struggled with the direction to take my blog – fitness or mommy – and everyone has always said, why can’t you be both!? And I can, it’s just that it’s a broad direction. There is SO MUCH I could post on that I’m kind of disorganized. Product reviews, sleeping advice, foods Tommy likes, classes I’m taking, foods I’m loving, daily activities, etc… It just feels like there is a lack of direction in keeping all of it. In an effort to do more posts, I’m going to keep things more simple. You probably don’t have time to read a novel anyway, right?

So here is a look in my latest week in workouts and how I fit them in with caring for Tommy and working…

Friday (last week) – 24 minute Lower Body HIIT Workout Via BodyBoss

I’m doing a review of Body Boss for a sponsored post however, I told them that I would only do it if I liked the program so I started last week and I’m on week 2 but I did a lower body workout on Friday at LifeTime Fitness before Mommy + Me Gymnastics. I only had 30 minutes and I didn’t totally finish the workout but I got in enough in of a sweat. Tommy was in the Kids Corner at LifeTime during my workout.


Saturday – 30 minute Peloton Bike Workout

I’ve been loving the 30 HIIT workouts on the Peloton. I use it at my gym. You can also pay $10 a month for the classes on your iPhone but you just won’t be able to see your resistance/cadence however this likely will make it harder! Tommy was with Dad at home.

Sunday – 24 minute Upper Body HIIT Workout via BodyBoss

So on Sunday, I did one of the arms and abs workouts from the BodyBoss program. It felt kinda easy but since I’m getting over being sick, it was kind of a welcome change. I was not sore but apparently that doesn’t mean anything. Nick was home with Tommy.


Monday – OFF DAY

On Monday’s I teach a Mommy + Me Bootcamp and I usually don’t workout on Mondays so I walked to class, did demos and walked home.

Tuesday – 30 Minute Peloton HIIT Workout

Tommy was at daycare.

Wednesday – 21 Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout via BodyBoss…

This ended early because I banged up my knee doing a box jump. I was not happy about this. The program had me doing 30 box jumps, 3 times… I did skip ahead a bunch of weeks because I wasn’t feeling challenged with the workouts so maybe it was my fault! Regardless, I was in too much pain to continue but I did finish most of the leg work. I am not sore today. Tommy was in daycare at my gym.


Thursday – Planning to go for a run to enjoy the weather since Tommy is at daycare!

So this is wishful thinking that I can get this done before it’s time to get Tommy from daycare. I’ll likely do zero exercise on Saturday and Sunday since we will be in Maine for a little Fall getaway.


If you’re curious about treats… I should add that I had a glass or two of wine probably every night. A double chocolate chip cookie from Flour on Sunday, a macaron from Formaggio on Monday and some serious coconut macaroons yesterday (Wednesday). I’m currently in a cookie phase I guess.

Would love more feedback on my Instagram post if you feel compelled to share!

Week in Workouts: Balancing Mom Life w/ Toddler

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  • Kelly

    Hi Sarah,
    I’ve never commented, but this post sparked my interest. I feel like you have found a balance in your life that consists of shorter workouts and enjoying nightly wine and treats more often…and yet you seem to be in some of the best shape of your life! Could you write any posts about this? I don’t diet or calorie count but I try to make good food and exercise choices and sometimes I have a hard time treating myself without guilt. I’ll often want a glass of wine at night but skip it because “I don’t need the extra calories.” How have you transitioned to enjoying more treats? How has this affected how your body looks (positively or negatively)? Why do you think this is?

  • Delia

    Enjoyed the insight on your weekly workout balance! and looking forward to more thoughts on Body boss. I like hearing about new workout ideas and options

  • Erin

    I’m not a commenter but wanted to say that being a mommy myself, I definitely love the mommy side of the blog and that’s actually what keeps me around. I appreciate the short workouts that I can do during nap time but also just like reading what other moms are going through. And your son is a bit older than mine so I get to see what I have to look forward to 🙂

  • amy

    HI Sarah, as a mom with a 1 yr old I also love reading your blog to see how you fit in working out, work and a child. I also love hearing what workouts you do to keep them short but effective. keep up the good work 🙂

  • Marla-Deen Brooks

    I’ve followed you off and on for a few years and have loved watching your transition into being a mom. You are in such a fun stage of life right now! I am a bit ahead of you as I have 21, 19 and 16 year old sons. I also have a healthy living site and teach fitness classes or train 6-8 times a week. I have begun to feel the same rut as you described. Wondering whether to continue writing -- hasn’t it all been said by now? I love teaching, motivating and love health and fitness, but am also feeling that burn out or as if I should be doing more or going in a diff. direction. Sigh. I know you will find a creative way to continue to merge the two for your readers!

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