Caring About My Overall Health and Not Just Appearance

Isn’t it funny how when you are young, you really don’t think about long term consequences, like going to a tanning bed before prom or eating foods that *might* cause heart disease. When I started this blog I admittedly was concerned about 1 thing, looking good in a bathing suit.

I’m not sure when I started caring about my overall health vs just my physical appearance but man, when it shifts, it changes drastically!

Other such behaviors of mine used to include spending too much money on fancy juices, having too many cocktails in a single night, not wearing sunscreen all the time, not staying on top of my tax returns, staying organized, and decluttering just to name a few. While some I no longer do (like the first few), the last ones I’m still struggling with and could use some help.

While people ask me for help on how I stay motivated to exercise, I always share my tips like “Sign up for a class” or “Make it a date with a friend” etc… But really the reason I’m able to stay motivated to exercise is that I genuinely like to exercise, so I make it a priority. It’s also my job to be “fit” which is another reason I make it a priority. Staying organized, I guess then, isn’t of the utmost importance for me?! Can I hire someone to do this for me?


My financial planner is the most organized person I know and she prides herself on it. She makes organizing a priority. I am not organized and while I want to be, working out is a higher priority to me than having organization. I don’t have to choose obviously, but one comes easier than the other to me.

They always say, if you want to make a change in your life, you really have to make it a constant priority and part of your routine. I, for the life of me, can’t get my act together to stay organized. I’ll do it for like a week and then forget and then get so far behind, I throw in the towel. When I think about it, I often feel like my “clients” could be saying the exact same thing about fitness and working out.

If I could just be organized, my taxes would be so much easier every year!

Luckily, I have my financial advisor help me with things like saving for Tommy’s college so I don’t have to regret any lack of foresight. It’s a set it and forget for us. We just automatically put some money each month into an account. It’s easy when you’re young to not think about saving for your retirement but once you have a kiddo in the mix, they change your priorities and suddenly you save for everything, especially their education.

We have a MEFA U.Fund College Investing Plan account which is a tax-advantaged college investment plan, professionally managed by Fidelity. With an easy to use online service, we can add money each month and even have friends or family contribute gifts! By the time Tommy starts college, it is predicted that a single year will cost $114,113 to a private New England 4 year university. You can learn more about forecasted college tuition here.


Later this month, we will be attending the Boston Book Hubbub Festival on October 28th where the U.Fund Dreams Tour will have a full interactive experience that allows children to imagine themselves in different occupations while parents learn all the information they need about saving for college. Fidelity representatives will be on hand to answer questions and provide resources about the MEFA U.Fund College Investing Plan.

I used to spend $10 on a juice no problem and now instead, I put those $10 towards Tommy’s education and grab a $0.25 banana instead. It was easy when I was young to not care about consequences but when you think about your family’s financial health, it’s almost just as important as your wellness.

This post is sponsored by Fidelity and the MEFA U.Fund. Learn more about the U.Fund College Investing Plan here.
Photos by Lucie Wicker.

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