Week In Workouts November 19th

I haven’t shared a week in workouts in awhile, so here is my latest.

Note that I was not feeling 100% and thank you to those who shared with me that Tommy is in fact old enough to get strep! I luckily feel much, much better and he seems to be in the clear as well. Salt water gargle, apple cider vinegar shots and honey surprisingly worked well. I’m reluctant to take antibiotics because I think I’m building up an immunity to them because I didn’t realize if you don’t finish a bottle, you become immune! I would always stop taking them as soon as I felt better because I thought the more you take, the more likely you are to build a resistance to them! 

Monday 11/13

On Monday’s I don’t workout usually. I teach a Mommy + Me class at Burn Fitness in Back Bay at 10:30 am and usually do some of the workout, not all, but use it as an active recovery day. My boss usually watched Tommy while I teach, aka Tommy gets to watch YouTube truck videos for 45 minutes and falls asleep.

Tuesday 11/14

Peloton! I did a 30 minute workout on the Peloton bike at my gym. I rarely do a 45 minute workout and the 30 is just right in my opinion. It’s hard and challenging but you leave energized.

I did this workout while Tommy was at daycare.

Wednesday 11/15


Yoga with Rebecca Pachecco with OceanSpray. It was literally 37 F degrees outside during this yoga session so I’m not sure if I would call it yoga or a workout but it got my body moving nevertheless. I also taught a bootcamp class at noon where I did maybe 1/4th of the exercises because I like to go around and check everyone’s form and demo from different angles.

I hired a babysitter for the day through Sensible Sitters. They are great for last minute requests. I tried to get Tommy into backup daycare but they were booked!

Thursday 11/16

20 minute Peloton Class! Yep. Twenty minutes. That was all. I did a 20 minute groove ride with Emma, one of my favorite instructors because it reminds me the most of Recycle Studio, my favorite studio in Boston. I haven’t been able to go because Nick usually plays squash in the morning lately and the 8:30 class I used to go to coincides with Tommy’s daycare drop off schedule. I missed it so I signed up to take class on Saturday.

I did this workout while Tommy was in daycare.

Friday 11/17


20 minute legs and arms HIIT routine. I did my own little routine that was challenging and efficient. I did this workout while Tommy was in babysitting at my gym. See below:

10-minute Leg Circuit, do 2x through

  • 1 minute – Sumo Squat with 20 lb Kettlebell
  • 1 minute – Criss Cross Squat Jump
  • 1 minute- Forward Lunge with Kettlebell Pass through
  • 1 minute- Competition Burpees
  • 1 minute- Hip Lifts with Shoulder Blades on Bench, Feet on Floor

Rep Based Arm Circuit, do 3x through

  • Tricep Pulldown 12 reps, 20 lbs
  • Pushups 12 reps
  • Squat with Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press, 15 reps, 12.5 dumbbells

Saturday 11/18

I finally made it to Recycle Studio with Erin. I forgot how much I enjoyed a group class over a Peloton screen. I missed out on going to the park with Nick and Tommy but got to get my sweat on. Oddly enough, the rest of the day I was exhausted! It’s like the extra 15 minutes, put my over my limit and I was useless the rest of the day, lol.

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