Life Update: Powering Through Even When You’re Sick

I’ve been meaning to blog all week. It’s 9:47 pm on a Thursday and I can’t stop reading my messages on Instagram. They keep distracting me away from my task at hand, genuinely blogging, for me and for you, to remind you that we’re in this together.

So here is what I wanted to say:

Last weekend, Nick and I celebrated our “10 year anniversary” in Portland, ME. We stayed at the cutest inn, The Pomegranate Inn.  We had the most amazingly decorated suite and comfortable bed that I couldn’t wait to sleep in.


We dropped Tommy off with Nick’s mom so we could go out and sleep in! Our room was huge. I think they assumed Tommy would be with us but nope. 🙂

pomegranate inn review

For dinner, we went to Fore Street which was really good but since I had been waiting 10 years to eat there, I was a little underwhelmed. Not because it wasn’t amazing, but it had been built up so much and it was so cold. Literally it was in the low 20’s.

I woke up at 6:45 am Saturday because of course I did. I’m programmed to wake up at 6:30, check the monitor to see if Tommy is breathing and then nod off and on until he wakes up which is usually 7 at the latest.

pomegranate inn breakfast


In the morning, we enjoyed the most adorable breakfast at the inn which was essentially breakfast tapas. It was a little frittata, a little french toast, a little fruit and totally delicious.

Our room for the night was comped as full disclosure.

We headed out to Circus Maine for a day at the Circus. It was organized by the team behind Lark Hotels when they originally invited us up to Portland.


It was a lot of fun jumping on the trampoline, walking the tightrope and playing with the aerial fabrics. I was shocked at how much I retained from my days of gymnastics, especially on the trampoline. Remember seat drops and swivel hips?


We first we given a couple moves to try at each station and the performers put on a show for us. Their strength was unbelievable. I had no idea Portland was such a hot spot to come for circus training! Many of the artists training are from all over the country and hoping for jobs in Cirque du Soleil or shows of similar arts.

After the Circus, we went back to go get Tommy. If you follow my Instagram stories, you know what happened and even though we were going to spend the night, we opted to head back to Boston and I’m so glad we did because I ended up getting really sick. By the time we got home, I had a fever of 101F, a really sore throat, chills, back pain and was in bed at 8 pm, asleep by 8:30 pm.

I woke up with the worst sore throat and headache so Nick let me sleep in. I honestly think I had strep throat but I hate going to the doctor! Someone on Instagram tonight said that I complain too much and honestly, I normally would be like, ya I do complain but I haven’t mentioned my inability to swallow all week and the fact that I can barely eat because it’s so painful. I’m wasn’t complaining because I know I should have gone to the doctor but as a parent, that shit is hard. Tommy, according to the nurse at our pediatrician, is too young to get strep throat, I don’t see other adults regularly and Nick is stupidly immune to everything so, I dealt with it and it’s just now starting to feel a little better.

So anyway, this is Sunday… Tommy’s got a new hair cut, I’m feeling miserable and I have a very busy week including an outdoor yoga session on Wednesday at 8 am (forecasted to be 37 F out!) for work.

I don’t know what it is but somehow as a mom, you just power through. You get shit done while pre-children you may have stayed in bed but now that’s not an option and you just do it.

Cranberry Bog

What was up with the cranberry bog!?

One of my favorite companies to work with in Boston is Cercone Brown. I’ve worked with them for over 13 years!!! They do the Nantucket House and other fun experiential marketing houses. They were doing a campaign with OceanSpray featuring a cranberry bog on Boylston Plaza on Tuesday and Wednesday. They invited influencers and media to take a yoga class outdoors by the bog with Rebecca Pachecco, walk in the bog and taste some cran-tastic smoothies. These events can sometimes be hard to get people to say “Yes” to so I always like to say yes if I can when it’s a company and brand I like.

They also asked me if I would teach a HIIT Bootcamp around lunch time at the bog so of course I said yes since it would mean getting paid. During Yoga, I couldn’t feel my fingers but during my bootcamp I as able to strip off a few layers and actually was sweating. We did a 20 minute HIIT workout that you’ll be able to try soon if you follow my Instagram or Facebook!

And yes, I still felt like I had strep throat during all of this, of course keep my germs to myself with gloves, space and not touching anyone.

Tommy Update

My sweet boy is sleeping basically 7-7!!!!!!!! This is a first and I almost had to wait two years to day this. It probably won’t last long so I’m enjoying every minute past 6:30 am.

He is in a bit of a picky food stage. He only will eat cheese sticks for dinner but refuses them the next day at lunch. He will not eat vegetables and there is little he consistently will eat except for gummies, i.e. fruit snacks and gummy bears.

He still cries every time I drop him off at daycare and I guess he cries off and on sometimes at daycare which breaks my heart. Most days he seems to enjoy it and is sleeping really well! He naps for like 2 hours at daycare. He never naps for 2 hours at home.

He’s also in a screaming phase. But man this is a cute age. He is so funny and affectionate. He is a ham that knows how to make me laugh and is becoming quite the “show” artist. He puts on shows for people who come over our house or people across the restaurant. I can’t believe he is almost 2 years old!

Do I complain a lot?

Someone on Instagram tonight said that I complain a lot. I honestly looked at my previous posts and I’m confused because I don’t think I complain much on social media. If you ask Nick, he probably would say yes, but on social media, I try to share my parenting struggles. I know what it’s like to feel alone, and I share my pain so you know we are in this together. Often, I share my struggles for suggestions. You guys have the best advice.

I also wonder if this person doesn’t “get” my personality and how sometimes when I “complain” of Tommy screaming at 6 pm and not drinking wine, I’m being sarcastic. Similarly, I’m not really mad that Tommy didn’t eat his cheese stick at lunch, I just think he’s a funny dude who loves one thing one day and won’t touch it the next for no reason! Toddlers, lol!

So now, it’s almost 11 pm, an hour past my bed time, and I’ve done a lot of complaining in this blog post, hahahaha. I’m going to wake up super tired but I wanted to write a post this week that shared how I felt, what I was going through, the good and the bad. I am feeling so much better right now. My throat almost feels normal until I try to swallow. I promise to go to the doctor if I’m still in pain come Monday. 🙂

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