Weeks 17: Pregnancy Update Little Fit #2

I love going back and reading my pregnancy updates from when I was expecting Tommy. I don’t know if you guys like reading them, but I enjoy writing them so without further ado here is a pregnancy update for week 17!


Baby Update

For this pregnancy I’ve mostly been using Ovia Pregnancy which thinks baby is the size of a pomegranate, or 5.12 inches and 5.90 ounces. The baby’s cartilage is now turning to bone and starting to put on serious weight. So apparently now is when I’m supposed to start noticing my own weight gain…

Weight Gained

So far I’ve gained about 7 or 8 lbs. My scale says I am currently 143 lbs. With Tommy I gained 30 lbs almost exactly and I started a few pounds heavier so I’m curious how these two will compare. Since I didn’t start updates with Tommy until 22 weeks, I have while to go before I can compare.  My app says I probably have gained between 5 and 10 so I’m happy to be on track.

To be quite honest, I think 4 of them are in my chest alone.


The second trimester is glorious in that I feel great. This past week started with a Spin Class at Recycle, followed by a prenatal yoga class at Sadhana.

On Monday, I teach a Mommy and Me Bootcamp at Burn Fitness and my workout for the day is walking there, teaching and walking back. I also brought Tommy swimming which always feels like a workout for me. Actually everyday is a workout taking care of Tommy. He is a runner, and an energetic one to boot.


On Tuesday and Thursday, I did a 30 minute Peloton ride with my favorite instructor Emma Lovewell. On Wednesday, I did my own workout for my prenatal series, coming out next week. On Friday, I did a leg workout from the Sweat App. I am following loosely the BBG Stronger program and am on week 10! I can’t do any of the ab workouts at all anymore and had to modify a mountain climber because I noticed my stomach starting to cone ALREADY! This is a sign of a diastasis recti. Not good.

Today’s workout just had me tuckered out. I was tired from having a bad night’s sleep and just wasn’t into it. I finished but I’ve been exhausted ever since. I think my body during my workout was telling me to take it easy and I didn’t listen. I paid the price by having a less than productive day.


Boobs. During week 17 I noticed I got my boobs back. After I stopped nursing at 18 months, my boobs disappeared! They went from what I considered normal to deflated. To be honest, I didn’t mind! I hate having to deal with a big chest when it comes to working out. Sports bras are harder to buy, you have to worry about exposing yourself during plyometrics, etc. However, they are back and remind me of what they looked like in my prenatal videos with Tommy.

I also have started to get heartburn, something I had with Tommy throughout. Other than that, not too much! Once baby is able to rely on the placenta, momma feels so much better!

Food Aversions + Cravings

Oddly I don’t have a ton. I’m still iffy on salmon from when I was pregnant with Tommy. I have been enjoying salads, fruit, tons of fruit to be honest, sandwiches and honestly, coffee! I’ve been having a cup of decaf at the gym lately.

Not real aversions though. Last time, sweet potatoes grossed me out and I’m totally fine with them this time around. I also never ate a salad and have been loving them. I love buying the bags of chopped salad mix from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. I just add chicken or a veggie burger on top for extra protein. This is a Chinese Chopped Salad from WF.



I am getting up at least once or twice to pee already. I actually just got my preggo-pillow out of storage this afternoon to help since I no longer can get comfortable. Tommy sleeps until 7 most mornings (sometimes 6:30 am and today 7:30) so as long as I go to bed before 11, I’m usually good. I’ve been trying to go to bed around 10 pm but unless Nick does too, it’s almost pointless because he unintentionally always wakes me up when he does finally come to bed.

Looking Forward To

Next week, we find out how baby is doing. The 18 week ultrasound is a big one. They go through and measure everything to make sure they are healthy, and if you want to find out the gender you can! We are going to find out.

Baby Pregnancy Related Purchases

I bought a couple of leggings (Blanqi – not that impressed I will admit and also that are Maternity and finally a month after ordering, two Lilly Pulitzer dresses arrived in the mail for being pregnant and then not pregnant. They are just flowing dresses that will allow me to nurse or carry a large bump on my stomach. They were super on sale which is why I bought them when I did.

I also bought a tankini from Athleta. I thought this would be good to wear pregnant and after baby comes in the summer. I wore it to the pool with Tommy on Monday. He thinks I’m weird for taking a photo in the bathroom.



I’m feeling anxious lately. All this talk of the flu has me in panic mode. If anyone in my family comes down with it, I literally want to go to the hospital and stay there until we or he is all better. I got the shot, as did Tommy but Nick did not. I’m so paranoid. If he gets it, I’m going to make him go to hotel or something.

Any movements?

I didn’t feel Tommy until week 21 and I actually felt this little nugget this week! I couldn’t believe it. It’s so incredibly cool and made the pregnancy finally seem real.

Questions from you guys!

How has this pregnancy been different so far?

It’s been pretty similar actually. I felt more sick this time around for a longer period of time but both pregnancies I had 3-4 days of being really nauseous, in bed all day and then this time, I had about 3 weeks of not feeling great. I don’t remember if that happened with Tommy or not, but I didn’t have a toddler to chase around back then so if I felt lousy, I could just nap or watch TV. I took a lot of naps with Tommy and I never have time to do that anymore! I also felt baby a lot quicker and noticed my belly growing faster! These are both common with 2nd time pregnancies.


I mentioned above that I love these chopped salads mainly because I’m lazy and don’t want to cook and these are easy solutions. We’ve been eating out a lot lately. We never do the same thing unless it’s Mexican. We have done Greek, Indian, Pizza and Vegan over the past week and a half. I just need something to be creamy whether it’s cheese, avocado, a creamy sauce, tzaziki, sour cream, whatever but I need it. Lunch is almost always a sandwich likely a BLT or a Tomato Mozzarella. For breakfast, I try to switch things up but usually it’s an english muffin or toast with peanut butter and blueberry jam or frozen blueberry waffles.

How has eating changed prior to being pregnant vs now? Or when you were sick to now?

When I was sick, I didn’t want anything sweet except fruit. I also only wanted like pizza or Mexican. Vegetables were gross sounding and dessert was never on my mind. Now I love vegetables! I also love a variety of cuisines again. I’m also way more into chocolate than I was during my first trimester. I still don’t have as much of a sweet tooth but more so than with Tommy. I think mainly we have been eating out more because I don’t want to cook, I’m craving something I don’t know how to cook or I don’t know what I want so I look at menus trying to figure out what it is I want!

What am I doing for workout modifications?

I am not doing much ab work this time around. I already am noticing a little bit of coning and paranoid about getting a diastasis rectified. With Tommy, I was all about planks all the way through and now, I’m already doing mountain climbers with my hands on a bench. I’m not yet avoiding lying on my back or stomach but those days are coming soon. I also keep my heart rate below 165 if I’m monitoring it.

Workout Leggings?

I have a pair of BLANQI that I bought on black Friday. It took months to get them and after a couple washes they are starting to pill already. I also still love my lululemon align pants. They are great post partum too! I’m not thrilled with beyond yoga either because already they are falling down! I’m still wearing my high rise not maternity but will let you know if I find the perfect pair. Right now though, my lulus are my favorite.

Plans for Tommy…

Tommy and baby will share a room starting next December. Baby will be with us until then. Also, I have the UppaBaby Vista and will convert it to be double!

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