Wellness Travel: Curacao Marriott Beach Resort

Back in August, I finished up visiting the 8 Caribbean and Latin American Marriott Resorts as part of my Fit In Paradise tour. By now, each resort should have a handy tip sheet for all of its guests to use to make healthier decisions while on vacation like where to go running, simple substitutions for a lower calorie cocktail, etc. If you’re visiting one of the resorts, make sure to ask if you don’t see it!

However, the day has finally come where we begin to share the videos shot at each resort on my YouTube channel.

We shot two videos in each location, one workout video and one lifestyle video featuring food, fun and hauls. To kick off the start of the release, we will be uploading a new video every day this week! Today’s video feature a workout shot at the CasaMagna Marriott Cancun featuring a beach run + lower body tone interval routine.

Here is my final blog post featuring the Curacao Marriott Beach resort.

When we arrived in Curacao, I didn’t realize that the blue liquor and the island not only shared a name but also the same color. The water literally is electric blue in person.

Curacao Marriott

We arrived on a direct flight from Aruba that lasted only 30 minutes. It was the easiest flight I took out of all 8 destinations! The hotel was only about ten minutes from the airport too, which is a bonus ALWAYS in my book. Upon arrival we were greeted with this fantastic view.

Marriott Curacao

Along the beach on the other side of the pool is the notorious Board Room, which is one of the chillest bars I’ve ever seen right on the water. I of course could only drink bottled water BUT it looked relaxing and guests raved about the signature Cerita’s Way cocktail.

Curacao Beach Bar

The resort has it’s own little harbor almost with two jetties on both sides making for a safe, fairly calm area for snorkeling and swimming.


After freshening up in our rooms, Lucie and I went snorkeling for some exercise and to get some GoPro footage for the videos. The water just amazing. I didn’t want to get out. I could have spent all day in there if I wasn’t travelling for work!

Afterwards, we met for dinner at the Portfino restaurant on property. The starving pregnant lady ordered an app right away. The eggplant carpaccio was outstanding. It looks funky but it was perfectly marinated and melted in your mouth. I ordered a lobster risotto for dinner that also delicious.

Eggplant Curacao Marriott

The next morning, we got up early to shoot our workout videos. The first one was a relaxing stretch and restore workout video. This was my favorite video to shoot out of all the properties for good reason! My body was tired at 22 weeks pregnant and ready for good yoga lovin.

Yoga Relax Video

We always shot our videos first thing in the morning because of lighting and heat. It would get super hot in the afternoon and the sun would be too high for good video. This of course presented my belly a problem. It was flat when we woke up but then as soon as I would eat, you could tell I was growing a baby. We tried to shoot the videos quick so I could go eat breakfast after!

Marriott Curacao

Yes, I know I’m pregnant and I shouldn’t worry about a baby bump but I want my videos to look professional and a mini baby bump really just looks like a gut which isn’t fun for any fitness instructor (especially one who gets terrible online comments from ignorant people that are too lazy to realize I am pregnant).

I had a small breakfast because I was planning to go for my half marathon training run right after. Unfortunately, this left me running around 10:30 am to 11:30 am in 80 degrees. No bueno. I ran along the ocean on this great little paved path that was about 5 miles out and back. I had to walk a lot but it was doable. I brought some water which helped with the heat. I was used to running in the heat at this point.

Pool Pic Curacao

We shot for the rest of the day our lifestyle video which included a haul on what to bring for a wellness spin on a traditional vacation. This included under water footage snorkeling and relaxing by the pool. Not a bad work day. After we wrapped, it was time for a little pampering. I had a facial and Lucie had a massage.

Marriott Sunset Curacao

Lastly, like many of the Marriott resorts, there were fitness classes offered throughout the day. Lucie took a Pilates class and then I joined for a little sunset yoga. It was a good class that I didn’t have to modify too much given my pregnancy. The best part was watching the sunset during Shavasana.

Sunset Picture Curacao

Sunsets are the best time to take selfies for lighting purposes so i took advantage.

Marriott Curacao Selfie

The beach and resort just seemed so peaceful and relaxing. It really was a nice little retreat for even just a couple days.

Sunset Picture

We finished our expereince with dinner at the Seabreeze Restaurant and Swim Up bar. Like some of the other resorts, the pool stayed open really late. Most of the menu items were naturally really healthy. I ordered a lobster that came with a side salad and french fries. On my Sarah Fit menu, I suggest swapping the french fries but after a long working day, I ate most of mine 😉

Pool Night Curacao Marriott

We did skip dessert and I got macaroons at the little coffee house in the lobby to enjoy a sweet treat back in my room. As I listened to the ocean going to sleep that last night in Paradise, I was excited to know that my pregnant body only had to fly one more time until my due date. That trip is one week from tomorrow to California.

I’m glad I saved this post for later. Now you guys can see all the hard work we put in while visiting the #FitInParadise resorts. Follow the hashtag #FitInParadise to see more candids and also, if you visit one of the 8 resorts, let me know if you enjoyed any of the stay fit and healthy tips! Be sure to check YouTube all week for new videos!

While this blog post is not technically sponsored, my travel and expenses were covered by Marriott and I was compensated for the production of my videos that are going up on YouTube.

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