I uploaded a new YouTube favorites videos yesterday. Favorite haul videos feature products or classes that I fell in love with during that month which is YouTubers post them after the month has ended.

Oakley RX Eyewear

The following obsessions are featured:

  • A new fitness class you guys already know about
  • Lululemon alternatives for the yoga pant shortage
  • The supplement I always try to take
  • A new Laughing Cow Cheese flavor that satisfies midnight pizza cravings
  • My new prescription eyewear that YouTubers are saying look sexy!
  • The convenient post-workout snack on the go

I talk about my Institute of Integrated Nutrition experience a bit in the video above. It has been a crazy and amazing experience so far.

The Crazy:

Each week, I want to try a new diet to see how it makes me feel. I’m inspired to find a spiritual practice, religion or meditation. There have been some eye-opening lectures. One totally changed my outlook and challenged my diet/exercise prescription. At first, I was shocked and slightly angry. I haven’t forgotten the message but I’m also choosing to ignore it at this moment.

The experience thus far has taught me so much about coaching and nutrition. I’m going to be hosting a live YouTube chat to answer any questions you might have about the program so far on Wednesday, April 17th at 1 pm EST. If you have a question but can’t make it, leave it below in the comments here and I will answer it during the video. You can always watch it later.

What I am obsessed with these days?

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  • Vanessa

    My question for the video:

    What lecture challenged your outlook and challenged your diet and exercise regime? Why did it make you angry? Great to see a course have such an impact on someone…must be a good one!

  • KimberlyH

    Hey Sarah! I’m so happy to hear that you’re doing the IIN program! I actually just recently found out about it and have been looking into it. So a couple questions for you on it: 1) What made you decide to enroll in it? 2)Why this program and not some other certificate program? 3) Do you think from what you’ve done so far for the program that it would be okay for someone with little nutrition knowledge to take it? Or do you feel that someone enrolling should have a good solid understanding/basis to go from?


    • Patty

      Great questions! I am also considering signing up in the Fall. I’m also curious if the program is flexible enough for someone who works 40 hours a week in an office.

  • meegan

    holy teaser! we need to know what nutrition lecture shocked and angered you!

    i think i’m going to try those coromega3 squeeze packs. just quickly researched and it claims to be more absorptive (by 300%??) than regular fish oil capsules. hmmm. worth a try! thanks for the tip

  • Jen Aicard

    I love your glasses! what style Oakley are they? they are exactly what I’ve been looking for but can’t find anything similar…..

  • maria

    Yes, please tell us what challenged you and made you angry?!! What have you learned that you want to change about the way you eat/workout?

  • Autumn

    Question for IIN nutrition lecture; I have been considering also enrolling but it’s a decent amount of money to put down. What’s holding me back is whether or not the certification will help get me a job/clients in a related field….do you have any thoughts about this? Or how IIN is perceived in the health/fitness industry?

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