Win $5200 + What I Ate week in review

I’ve won some pretty awesome prizes over the years using social media. Companies love to do contests but the applicant pool is often small making the odds typically in your favor. I was recently asked to help promote “A Healthier Way of Life” contest with Hain Celestial, a company whose portfolio includes many organic brands you probably buy like Arrowhead Mills, Earths Best, Health Valley, Maranatha, Terra Chips and many more. To enter, you just need to make a video like mine, see below, sharing a change that you have made for a healthier you or to better the environment. 

The winner get’s $5200 in American Express gift cards towards groceries (but really you can probably use them for whatever you want). Second place gets $500 worth of products from Hain Celestial brands. Deadline to enter is April 30th. You can submit your entry at the Hain Celestial Facebook Page. If you are lost as to where to go, watch the video, I show you how to find the right place.

In other news, I’m swamped with work stuff! It’s an exciting time for me. Between IIN and a secret project that I’ll soon share with you about, I’m stressed to the max. Do you ever go to bed disappointed that you didn’t accomplish everything that you wanted and then wake up to be overcome with anxiety regarding how much you need to do that day, everyday? It’s not fun. I’m headed to Kripalu, a yoga retreat weekend with IIN, as a student for the next couple of days. I’ve never been. I was invited to go as a result of being one of the first people to refer a new student to the program in 2013. Another benefit of being a student! I’m looking forward to yoga, hiking, good food and meeting new people. I’m also hoping to disconnect and hopefully de-stress myself.

Often during the week, I take pictures and post on Instagram but never on here because I think it’s boring but I know some of you like when I share them here too, so here is a quick rundown of my week in pictures.

IMG 3638

Sunday, I hosted my sister’s 2nd baby shower with my mom. We had it at Union Bar and Grill in the South End. We had 24 guests (as compared to her first which had 50+) and had a great time. Union was very accommodating and the food was delicious. We decorated onesies for the baby as we waited for our food and chatted. The baby is due exactly one month from today!

IMG 3640

I embraced meatless Monday and even made it a meatless Tuesday as well. This one is above was made at my favorite salad bar in Boston, the Blue Glass cafe.

IMG 3645

I shot new videos for the first time outdoors in 2013! The wind was terrible and I am thankful for “my new studio” or rather Recycle Studio’s generosity but happy to have warm weather again.

IMG 3647

I brought my lunch and snacks with my to work on Tuesday too. Raw cashews, a salads with sprouts, hummus, mushrooms and pepitas and of course my Tone It Up shaker with protein shake mix.

IMG 3636

Since my Bar Method membership is on hold, I have been swimming, running, biking and strength training at Boston Sports Club. I’m enjoying the change!

IMG 3664

For dinner on Wednesday, I made scallops with mango salsa that was left over from the deconstructed fish tacos. It was still good, or at least I told myself that. I made asparagus and southern greens with bulgur as a side. I used the leftovers for lunch on Thursday but added more greens, pepitas, fakin bacon tempeh and avocado.

IMG 3667

New Balance sent me a pair of running shoes for the Boston Marathon. I wore them yesterday on the treadmill and they were SO COMFORTABLE. They are a lot more purple than they look in this photo.

IMG 3669

The shoes are more purple in real life than they look in this picture. They are really cute.

IMG 3668

This morning, I took at 45 minute spin class at Recycle Studio with Aly and burned a sh*t ton of calories. Aly’s classes are always a killer in “love every minute and sweat droplet” kinda way. In the 90 minutes after finishing, I burned an additional 240 calories. I had a mini smoothie before hand with Vega Energizing Smoothie mix, mango and banana. It helped push me through the final song much stronger than usual. I also was able to wear a pair of cycling shoes which I think I need to invest in. They made the ride much smoother for me. I refueled with a Perfect Fit protein pancake.

IMG 3677Phew! That’s all folks. How was you week? Have you been to a yoga retreat before? I may or may not come back as a tree hugging vegetarian yogi…

Hain Celestial sponsored my video and provided me with the tea in the video above. I was not compensated to write this blog post but thought you guys would like to know about the contest because it’s awesome!

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