What I Ate This Weekend

Friday was Valentine’s Day and over 2 months ago, Roomie and I made a reservation at one of my favorite restaurants, Oleana. In preparation for what was going to be a splurge, I tried to keep my meals during the day pretty clean. After teaching at Barry’s at 8:20 in the morning, I took the class after mine and recovered with a PB&J smoothie from the fuel bar with kale added to it. 

For lunch I made a faux Life Alive bowl with kale, mushrooms, onion, lentils, avocado and the amazing Ginger Sauce from Life Alive I can’t stop making. Good thing it’s like a superfood sauce. 

IMG 6393

At Oleana, we loved the spinach falafel, whipped fava beans, lamb and grape leaf tart, sultan’s delight (beef short rib) and a duck special. The only items I did not like was the Vermont Quail Kebab and the Lamb Monti which was like ravioli. We didn’t order the lamb and grape leaf tart but it came out by accident instead of the Lamb Monti and ended up being a close second to the duck special which was my favorite. We still were served the Lamb Monti free of charge! We were stuffed but had to order the Baked Alaska for dessert. It is made with an amazing coconut cookie crust with passion fruit sorbet surrounded by a fluffy egg meringue lit on fire. 

IMG 6395

It really was too much food even though they were served as little mezze (tapas) plates however Oleana continues to be one of my favorite places to eat.

I was excited for my workout on Saturday falling asleep. A group of Boston Healthy Living bloggers I discovered on Facebook organized a blogger class at FlyWheel taught by Rachele at 1 pm. I was excited to sleep in for once. When I arrived, the room was packed with girls, many who I had never met and a few I recognized.

IMG 6397

Rachele taught an am amazing class and by the end, I just could not keep up with her RPMs. This was a first for me in a FlyWheel class. I wish I took a picture of the torque board to remember my total power to compare it to previous classes. Afterwards, we took a picture but there was minimal networking – something I usually enjoy at these events. I grabbed lunch at SweetGreen afterwards with my friend Sara. 

IMG 6398

I always order my own with sweet potatoes, avocado, beets, broccoli and mushrooms although this time I got tomatoes and falafel. So good. 

My sister surprised me later in the day with a text message that my mug was in US Weekly! The celebrity gossip magazine profiled DietBet and used my game as the image to accompany the blurb. How cool!? My first gossip magazine debut. 

IMG 6394

Saturday was low key with a trip to ALDI in Medford, more on that later today, and homemade chili with a side of the Olympics. I made it to Barry’s on Sunday but my legs were dead. I think they were hoping for a rest day. Sorry, legs. It also could have been the half bottle of wine I drank…

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day with chocolate and flowers or a nice simple dinner like me? 

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