What I Eat In A Day Plant Based Edition 2018

I’m starting to get to the point where I’m trying to lose the rest of my baby weight. I’m thinking more about my diet than I was a month ago, and I think you’ll notice in my latest What I Eat In A Day video.

In the summer, I crave seafood and grilled steak or chicken, corn on the cobb, potato salad and ice cream. Now as it’s getting colder, I want more plant based meals, hearty soups, roasted veggies and grain bowls. I struggle to find recipes that taste good, are satisfying and are fairly easy to make. I always feel like flavorful vegan recipes on the internet are so complex with different ingredients and appliances required.

As a result, I’ve been eyeing Purple Carrot for years. Purple Carrot is a meal delivery service like Blue Apron but 100% plant based vegan. You select 3 meals at $12 per serving choosing from menu items that are high protein or quick and easy each week. I was hesitant to try it because I always felt like there was at least one recipe I was iffy about. We keep getting take out because I’m too lazy to go grocery shopping and it costs us so much more than $12 a meal and often takes way longer to get than it would to cook.

Sooooo, I finally tried Purple Carrot. I filmed this What I Eat In A Day on the day that I made the third recipe.  As it turns out, I really had nothing to be nervous about at all!

In one of the recipes, I used tofu instead of ricotta cheese. Nick approved of this despite claiming not be a tofu person. I was always reluctant to order the tofu recipes for this reason even though Nick is the one who really wants to eat more plant based meals.

We also made jackfruit quesadillas which were so good and came with vegan mozzarella. Nick also approved. I had never used jackfruit before and I can’t wait to try using it again with bbq sauce but I would 100% make this again. The recipes all took 25-35 minutes to make.

The final recipe was a Tandoori Chickpea Lettuce Wrap. It could also easily be made into a grain bowl which I think I might do the next time but I made this for myself while watching both boys pre-bedtime. It was easy and delicious. It was quick to eat as I could just use hands before starting our night time routine.

To see what else I’ve been eating watch the video.

If you want to try Purple Carrot, use my promo code SARAHFIT to get $30 off!

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