Update on Sleep Training

A lot of you were interested in the Connor sleep training so I thought I would do a quick update.

So after 4 days of progress I wrote this blog post detailing our method.

Then for some reason, everything we were doing stopped working and Connor was up every hour it seemed! It was so hard for me to let him cry, especially being right next to him. Tommy was in our bed half the time and I didn’t want him to wake him up so I tried using the pacifier and then would resort to feeding him twice instead of once in the middle of the night.

It seemed like our efforts were failing.

I read he was going through the 4th leap according to Wonder Weeks and wondered if we should wait until he is past the LONG phase of development and fussiness. He was just a different little dude and no longer chill.

Then we decided to put him in his crib in the same room as Tommy.

Guess what?

He slept from 6:45-5 am!!!

The next night, I put him in his crib around 7 pm and he fell asleep shortly after with Tommy falling asleep at the same time (the sucker that I am was scratching Tommy’s back until he fell asleep). Connor slept until 4:30 am, I nursed him and then he slept until 7:15 am.

He never even woke up. I didn’t have to make him cry at all.

I’m not sure if him not being able to smell me makes a difference and helps him NOT wake up or the extra space in his bed or the better sound machine (we use the DOHM in Tommy’s room and iPad app in ours).

Tommy got up at 2 am and crawled into bed with us so Connor did not wake him up. The night before, Tommy stayed in his bed all night but again, was not woken up by his cries in the middle of the night for the one feeding I’m going to do until 6 months.

I don’t know if this update is helpful other than I thought sleep training was going to take 4 days like it did with Tommy. It has taken longer with a major set back in the middle. I still haven’t used my day of testing with out sleep consultant because I wanted to try to figure this out on my own.

I am hoping to have both boys asleep again tonight by 7:30 pm so Nick and I can finally have some time to enjoy each other and going to bed without tip toeing around sleeping child in our room and maybe even watch a movie!

Here are my secrets for sleep training below…

Sleep Training 4 months old

Update on Sleep Training

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  • Tami

    Not they you asked for my opinion but whydoes tommy come into your bed? I’d think I’d want to stop that before getting Connor to sleep better.

    • Sarah

      It’s a phase. He gets scared for whatever reason. He always has been an early riser and when he sleeps with us, he actually sleeps in. We don’t mind it. He doesn’t do it every night and sometimes he wants one of us to sleep in his bed which is fine too. We don’t want to be cosleepers but he’s only so little so such a short time!

  • amy

    My husband and i moved our son from our room to his own room very early!!! my son would not sleep knowing we were near him! i swore he was able to hear us breathe!! we also werent even able to turn over in bed , so affraid to wake him. we both slept hours longer the first night we moved him! Do you find that Tommy coming into your room is now a habit? our son tried that, and i put him right back into his own bed. we did not want to start that and make it a habit. My friends son is 9 years old and STILL Sleeps in her bed!!! YIKES!

    • Sarah

      Oh that will not be us lol! It’s starting to become a habit but our priority is sleep. We tried to force him back in his room and he was awake crying hysterically for 2 hours. I can’t deal with that shit. Once Connor is sleeping, we will address it.

  • Kelly

    Thanks for posting the update on sleep training! Maybe it’s the whole ‘misery loves company’ but it’s reassuring to hear things didn’t go perfectly and only take 4 days to get a perfectly sleeping child! My apologies for rejoicing in our shared struggles! LoL that’s interesting his sleep was so much better in his own room! I’ll have to give it a try and see if it helps us. We’re still experimenting with removing the dockatot and having troubles when he wakes at 1 or 2am and attempts to flip and fusses for hours! Ugh! Well, best of luck in this journey!

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