What’s In My Gym Bag | Updated 2018

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Whenever I take pictures at the gym, I get a lot of questions about what gear I use and what I’m wearing. So today I am sharing an updated “What’s in My Gym Bag Haul.”

I actually have a tiny locker at my gym where I keep most of this stuff in lieu of a gym bag. I carry around a lot of stuff to go to the gym including my lap top, change of clothes, a bag for Tommy who hangs out in the babysitting room as well as his portable potty, and more. Today I had a Rent The Runway dress which was delivered to an address I lived at 7 years ago! WTF RTR (this was probably my fault but let’s pretend it wasn’t).

So, let’s get to it…


I keep three pairs of shoes in my gym locker actually.

  • Running shoes (below are the New Balance Boston Marathon edition fresh foam kicks),
  • Cross trainers for strength training
  • Spin shoes for the Peloton bike.

I have two pairs of spin shoes and keep one at home to go to studio classes. These are the Tiem Athletic indoor cycling shoe and I also have the New Balance Cycling shoe. To be honest, the cleat in my Tiem often gets loose and for that reason, I love my NBCycle more but those were actually in my locker when we took this picture. Both look stylish, are super comfortable and you can actually walk in them in public without looking like a goober.

What's in my gym bag degree

My all time favorite running shoe is the Adidas Ultra Boost however New Balance is local and I love them second best. They send me sneakers so I get to test out the latest technology. They are lightweight and super comfortable. I finished a strength workout today wearing their Crush cross trainers.


During my day to day activities, I’m trying to use more natural products. However, for my workouts I like to use something stronger. I love the new Degree Women UltraClear Black + White because it goes on clear and doesn’t get make my white workouts clothes yellow. I wear a lot of black and white these days so I appreciate that my deodorant helps keep my clothes looking like new. When I wear it, I’m confident that it keeps me fresh and free from odor. It remarkably has 48 hour protection so even if I forget to put some on in the morning, I still feel covered.

It’s now available for purchase at your local  CVS, and you’ll earn special rewards from your purchase using your ExtraCare card. Get more product information at a CVS near you or online here.

Girl putting on deodorant Degree Black and White


My Video Gear

I know most of you don’t care about this but in case you are curious, I often bring with me a mini tripod if I have my point and shoot or my Show Off Super Mount. The Super Mount essentials makes your phone a magnet and you can attach it to any piece of gym equipment film yourself working out. I like to do this to share with you guys what moves I’m doing to stay safe and in shape during pregnancy. It’s $35 and free shipping.

What's In My Gym Bag Sarah Fit 2018


Ok, as a content creator/blogger, I get sent a lot of headphones. I’m currently loving my wireless headphones that came with my TomTom Multisport watch. Honestly, they are not my favorite. I’m not recommending you buy them because they just don’t stay well in my ears but I love having wireless headphones because I can do a jump squat and not have to put my phone in a sleeve or hold it in my hand. I can be 100 feet from my phone and still have music playing in my ears.

I’ve been reluctant to get the new iPhone because of the missing headphone jack but honestly, I think I may just suck it up, buy the X and buy the AirPods because we all know those aren’t being gifted to me. I’m sharing this because if you haven’t gone wireless yet for your strength workouts, maybe you should. For running outside, I personally would not use wireless headphones because it relies on my bluetooth which uses too much battery on my 6s and my phone is always dying when I go running if music can’t be played over wifi.


So right now, I’m using the FitBit Ionic, which I do love but it is expensive. It’s $299! What I like is that it is an all in one tracker for everything from steps to heart rate, and even displays text messages. It also has preloaded workouts and I can pay for my Starbucks order using it as well as check weather and hook up to Strava (which I don’t use). It’s like the Apple Watch but it’s not. It is a little big but the reason I love it is because it shows my heart rate at all times measuring through my wrist. It’s fun to check after walking up the stairs with Tommy. Gosh, it’s gotten hard! It tracks sleep as well as calories burned throughout the day and basically can do everything!

What I don’t love about it is that I can’t figure out how to turn it off. I don’t like wearing it to sleep and don’t know how to shut it off so all night, there is a little green light trying to find my heart rate.

The FitBit Charge will track your heart rate through your wrist and is less expensive ($135-180), smaller and gets the job done. If you just wanna know your heart rate and calorie burn, I’d recommend this. If you are a runner and want pace and more, I’d look into a Garmin or TomTom that measures heart rate through your wrist.

I have more things in my gym bag and you can check them out by watching my latest YouTube video!


What’s In your gym bag?

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