Why I Use Non Toxic Household Products + FREE GIFT FOR YOU

Today’s post is written in partnership with Grove Collaborative. Make sure to read the full post for details on how to get $40 worth of free product including 60 day trial VIP Membership. 

Before I became a mom, I made it a priority to use products and eat foods that were non-toxic. While you may know the dangers of eating artificial colors or sweeteners, you might not know the dangers of regular household cleaners.

Most household products are made with harsh chemicals which can be bad for your health. Chemicals not only are ingested through food but can also be absorbed into your skin through a lotion or inhaled. Think of how stuffy sometimes a freshly cleaned room feels. Certain products have been linked to increasing your risk for a number of health concerns including asthma, leukemia and cancers. Some of these ingredients are known to cause cancers in animals and therefore thought to also be carcinogenic for humans as well.

We do not know a ton about these toxic ingredients, but avoiding long term exposure is a smart idea for overall health and wellness of your family. Exposure to some of these household cleaners just once a week raises your risk of asthma! Better safe than sorry.

I still use some products that are not clean like my favorite hair products (hello, Living Proof dry shampoo) and Nick loves his Clorox bleach wipes which I reluctantly allow but I’m finding it so much easier lately to make the switch in full and get most of our household products without harsh chemicals thanks to Grove Collaborative. 

If you haven’t yet heard of Grove.co, you will soon because it’s amazing. They are online marketplace carrying natural, sustainable and non toxic products from some of my favorite brands like Dr Bronners and Seventh Generation. They do the homework so you don’t have to and deliver the items right to your door.

Shipping is free if you’re a VIP member ($19.99/year), otherwise it’s just $2.99.

We use Grove to buy a lot of essentials including diapers, vitamins, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, dishwasher gel, paper towels, insect repellant and cold remedies. Grove makes it easy to get all your natural and non-toxic products in one place.

I have Amazon Prime but I rarely use their Pantry service because I can never seem to find what I’m looking for in the quantity and quality of what I want to purchase. Living in the city, I don’t have room to store a ton of stuff like paper towels and it gets tricky even when it comes to ordering laundry detergent. Can I just order one? You have to fill the box to get free shipping and it always feels like I’m adding random products I don’t want to buy to get said eligible free shipping. With Grove, they give me free products as a VIP.

Grove Free Products

And speaking of free products, I have a special offer for you guys today! Spend $20 on your first order, and you will be give the following gift worth over $40 for FREE!!

  • Grove Glass Spray Bottle
  • Grove 3 pack Concentrates (Glass/All Purpose/Tub & Tile)
  • Grove 2 Pack Microfiber Cloth
  • Free Shipping & Free 60 Day VIP Trial

You must use my link to sign up Grove.co/SarahFIT and if you are not a new member, you will get something special too. Right now, they only ship to the 48 continental US states.


Here is a video haul featuring a few of my favorite items that I regularly get from Grove.

Here are a few products featured in this video and why I love them.

babyganics hand sanitizing wipes

Hand Sanitizer Babyganics

If you have a toddler, you need to carry these in your bag 24/7 especially if you live in the city and your child touches EVERYTHING. They are paragon and sulfate free and made without alcohol!

New Chapter Wholemega For Moms

WholeMega New Chapter

I get asked what prenatal vitamins I take quite frequently and these have been my favorite Omega-3 supplement during both pregnancies because they do not give me a fishy after taste. They are organic and I trust New Chapter as a brand for top quality when it comes to supplements. Omega-3 supplements help baby boy’s brain and eye development and I save 34% when I buy it from Grove – it’s about $13 cheaper on Grove than Amazon… shhh.

Mrs Meyer’s Baby Laundry Detergent Clean Day 

Mrs Myers Baby Detergent

I am and have never used harsh chemicals to wash any of Tommy’s clothes and I do not use toxic laundry detergent on my own either. I love this one from Mrs. Meyers because it is 98% naturally derived ingredients and paraben free.

Check out the rest of my YouTube haul video for my other favorite products!

Being a VIP also gives you access to price matching. If you find the product you want for less on another site, send it to their customer service team and they will match it. They also assign you a Grove guide who can help if you don’t know what is the best product for you.

Be sure to use my link grove.co/SarahFit for this exclusive offer. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below! 


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