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Today I wanted to share my review of Le Tote Maternity. This is not sponsored in any way. I paid for it with my own money. You can try it for free using this referral code.

Ok so I didn’t want to buy a ton of maternity clothes because I didn’t want to store clothes for another 2 years or buy something to just wear for a couple of months. I checked out Rent The Runway’s options and almost pulled the trigger on their unlimited option but chose to try Le Tote because well it was cheaper and had more maternity items vs loose baggy clothes you could wear with a bump.

RTR has maternity clothes or clothes they deem “bump friendly” and it’s $89/month, first month is 20% off. I think they have since upped the amount of maternity clothes they are carrying as of late May.

So I tried out the Le Tote Maternity which cost me $79/month for 4 pieces. I got $354 worth of clothing for my first month.

Le Tote Review

So this is how it works…

They have a few options and I chose the cheapest one.

You can pay more and have more items shipped. You can also pay more and be able to send items back and new items sent whenever you want. This seemed like it might take too long and you wouldn’t get the full benefit for the full month.

You fill out a style survey and they select clothes for you. Then you can go in and swap out what you don’t like and personalize it. I swapped out everything and selected my items to match the crazy weather in New England we had this April (cold) as well as my Bermuda vacation (warm).

They were delivered quick in a little box with a bag for returning the clothes with paid postage included.

You can purchase the items as well for a discount if you love them. The only one I considered buying was the Sage & Summer Maxi Dress for $54 from $86 but it already was pilling by the time I sent it back so I passed. I liked the other items but didn’t feel the need to purchase since it was going to be hot and I have plenty of short dresses.

The Clothes

The clothes, similar to Stitch Fix, felt like they were priced higher than they should have been so that you feel like you’re getting a deal by purchasing it at their discounted rate. I didn’t recognize many brands except Ingrid and Isabel and Tart. The Ingrid and Isabel dress I rented was actually on sale after I received it in my box. I didn’t love most of the options on the site that I could have been sent and had a hard time finding pieces I wanted. The clothes for the most part just didn’t feel like they were my style or they looked cheap.

Le Tote Review Maternity

I do love this NOM dress on the top right though! I did NOT see this when I was searching and must be new. The bottom options are mehhh to me…

LeTote Review Maternity 2

These options below are fine but I don’t have anything to wear them to…

LeTote Review Maternity

I actually really liked these but I didn’t know if they were playground or summer weather appropriate which is really my scene these days.

Le Tote Review Maternity

These bottom four were my favorites that I didn’t have sent. I just wanted a pair of jean shorts and this was all they had! The white dress looked too short to wear without pants but still cute and the off the shoulder top seemed cool but I would have to wear a strapless bra which no longer fits my boobs.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.52.30 PM

That was fun, what’s next…

So once I decided to send back my bag, I put the clothes in the mail and sent them off.

I made the mistake of not realizing when I received the shipment however.

I started to look at the different items that I could get for my next month and realized I enjoyed Target and Old Navy’s maternity lines more. I decided to cancel.

Then today, I was looking at my credit card statement and realized on May 25th I was charge for $89, another month of Le Tote but not being able to get another tote. If I’m paying, I should be able to get the clothes right? Nope. I cancelled two days too late so basically I paid $168 for 4 items that I wore a total of maybe 8 times, mostly just the black dress.

I reached out to their customer service and they kindly refunded my $89 but I also could have just received another tote but I would have had to send my items back by the 22nd and remember to cancel and I know I won’t do that. So I got a courtesy refund. Fast and prompt customer service. I made the mistake, not them but an email would have been nice to remind me to send back the items.

Here I am wearing the items I got that I photographed…

IMG_0171 IMG_0358


I hardly wore the other two so I don’t have pictures. I know, I’m a terrible blogger.

Part of me wants to try RTR but I think I’m just going to go to Target/Old Navy and stock up on a few pairs of shorts and maxi dresses. If you want to try Le Tote for free, you can using my referral code here. 

Let me know your own thoughts and experiences!

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