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What are you doing today at 1p ET? Join me on Twitter with The Laughing Cow for a Fall Fitness chat to win coupons for free Laughing Cow products. I’ll be answering your fall fitness questions including pre and post workout snacks, how often you should be doing it, where to find new workouts, smoothie recipes and more. I hope to see you there. Just follow the hashtag #FallFitness and me of course

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My October DietBet started yesterday, but you can still sign up! The pot is over $10K with over 430 currently participating. Some of that money can be yours if you can commit to losing 4% of your bodyweight in 4 weeks. I’m doing the bet with everyone this time around. Once you join, you will be asked to submit your starting weight and you will have until October 28th to lose the pounds. Money is the best motivator when it comes to actually sticking to your intentions, which is why I’m doing it. If you don’t lose all of the weight, you still win because chance are high that you lose some weight and saved money by avoiding late night’s out at the bar and expensive dinners out. Come join!

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I’m also giving away prizes during the DietBet. GoRecess gave me 5 class passes to give away. You can use them at your favorite local studio or try some place new. GoRecess taps into the MindBody booking system and tell you what classes are near you, which ones have openings, and also helps you discover new gyms to try! To win one of them, just upload a picture to instagram using the hashtag #sfDietBet featuring a meal, workout, or anything really! Winners will be chosen throughout the 4 weeks. 

Looking to spice up your workout playlist?

If you haven’t downloaded Britney Spears’ new single for your next workout, your routine is missing out. She bluntly speaks, not sings, “you want to look hot in a bikini?… You better work bitch.” It’s a nice subtle little mantra for your early bird work session. I would embed the video but Vevo won’t let you watch it here. You can download a remix for free as well over DirrtyRemixes. I didn’t say it was legal but you’re welcome. 

My New Gig

I’ve been pretty excited lately about my new gig at Barry’s Bootcamp and this perfect fall weather. You can now sign up for my Monday Arms and Abs class at Barry’s by visiting their website. My class is at 4pm and if you’re bummed because of that thing called work, don’t worry, I’ll be teaching at other times too soon enough. 

I’m also super excited for my next half marathon in November down in DISNEY WORLD. I can’t wait. Let me know below if you’ll be there. Should we have a mini meet up?

That was a lot of housekeeping and I still have more updates to share! Until next time… 

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