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I am always up for trying new classes. At 30 weeks pregnant, I am cautious but still game. When I saw on Instagram that Xtend Barre was coming to Boston, I knew I needed to give it a try.

Opened up by Weston native, Amanda Cort this October, the studio offers a variety of classes including their signature Xtend Barre, Xtend Suspend which uses the TRX, Babies on Board, a Post Natal Mommy and Me class and Yoga. I got to try the TRX class as well as Xtend Barre.

Xtend Barre Desk

Xtend Suspend

I am actually certified in TRX but have only taught a handful of classes using it. I took class on Friday with Ashley. This class was not your typical barre structured workout. Bar Method, Pure Barre and Physique 57 are all predictable in format. You have your warm up, arms, legs then glutes, and finish with abs. I couldn’t pin point when the warm up ended and the workout began!

The class combined a bunch of barre-esque moves using the TRX for balance as well as typical TRX moves that I love including chest presses and suspended planks, which were a struggle for me. When the class was over I was shocked. The time flew by. The unpredictable format is something Xtend takes pride in, no two classes are ever the same. The instructors have a lot of freedom when designing their classes, including their music.

TRX Xtend Suspend Review

I think Ashley took it easy on me because she knew I was 30 weeks pregnant and didn’t know I had just run a half marathon. The level of difficulty was good.

Xtend Barre

A week after taking Suspend, I was back to try the signature class Xtend Barre taught by Leah. She brought me in the room a little early to show me a few modifications I should use in class which was very helpful. I wore my heart rate monitor as well to track how hard I was working.


Class began with a more dance like warm up than I am used to in barre classes. Again, I couldn’t figure out the structure. We moved on tempo but our work was not timed up precisely with each song. We changed moves frequently which kept me from getting bored. We did lots of plies, lunges, leg lifts, the fold over, planks, push ups and more. I could tell my heart rate was higher than usual for a barre class as well. I looked down and it was around 150 bpm after some of the cardio portion in the middle which did not include any jumping but just fast paced plies and lunges. I needed to catch my breath and take a quick breather a few times.

The arm portion for me was killer and I used 1 lb dumbbells! What happened to my arm strength? The arms were combined with some squats and lunges as well which I credit partially with the extra calorie burn.

props at xtend barre

We used bands, a ball and the weights. I love props. The more the better. Loved Leah’s energy and class.

I burned 450 calories according to my heart rate monitor. That is at least 150 more than I used to burn during an hour long class at Bar Method.

The Difference Between Xtend Barre and Other Bar Studios

  • Each class is different. Instructors have flexibility to choreograph their own classes.
  • Format is not typical compared to other exclusive boutique bar studios on Newbury Street.
  • Routines are more dance/ballet based.
  • Most cardio I’ve experienced in barre class.
  • Four different types of classes are offered.

Xtend Barre is located on the last block of Newbury Street, 338 Newbury to be exact. The door is just to the right of my favorite brunch spot, Trident Cafe. Try out the two week unlimited class special for new members for less than $50 or try a class using your ClassPass. They also have a wide variety of membership options from 4 classes a month to unlimited or 5-10 class packs.


Xtend Barre Newbury Street Boston

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