Halloween Weekend: Less Drinking, More Adult

You know you’re getting old when your Facebook newsfeed looks more like a children’s Pottery Barn Catalog than a BarStoolSports.com smokeshow of the week blog post. Nick and I stayed in Boston for weekend, after cancelling our plans to go up to Quebec City.

On Halloween, I took my favorite prenatal yoga class to date. It wasn’t technically a prenatal class but the instructor, Dawn, modified many of the poses for me. I joined Nick at his member gym, but she also teaches a prenatal class at drop in friendly Coolidge Corner Yoga on Saturday’s at 8am. She was so good that I almost want to wake up early on a Saturday… We will see though.

What I learned: She told me that if the baby’s head was down, not to do deep fold overs or inversions to prevent him from flipping and becoming breach. As he gets bigger, he will not have enough room to easily flip back into correct position. Instead of salutations, I squated down and swayed my hips side to side.

Instead of dressing up, we gave out candy at night on our friend’s stoop in the South End. Our neighborhood is packed with little kids and Halloween helped remind me just how many people are living in the city with them! So many cute children dressed as ninja turtles, Elsa and superheroes. We ordered pizza and I surprisingly didn’t have too much candy. I went overboard during the week with the bag of Caramel Lovers at home which included Twix, Snickers and Milky Ways. When pregnant on Halloween, you gotta go big, right?

Recycle Shot Post Spin

Sunday morning, I signed up for an indoor spinning class at Recycle Studio with Anni (top right), who I love! I had a ton of energy and it felt good to let it out on the bike sans the discomfort of hip pain and having to pee.  Earlier in the week I tried to go running but it ended up being a run/mostly walk 4 mile hour long adventure of touch and go. Class feels good and the only modification I made was to avoid the “crunches” and “dips.” I also made Stephanie get in the picture whose class at Recycle is as amazing and had no idea she’d end up on my blog the morning after Halloween :).

BuyBuyBaby Bumpie

Sunday was dedicated errands. Nick to Home Depot, me to Buy Buy Baby and Whole Foods. I’m still wearing my regular clothes but feel the need to look more put together for going out to compensate for my ill fitting clothing. I’m obsessed with these booties by Rockport. They are so comfortable.

We got locked out of our apartment recently and had to call a “locksmith.” Wicked sketchy by the way. They send a random dude to your place who tells you he has to drill and charge you $250… I said, “I’ve seen this episode of Dateline before, let me call the other locksmith downtown.”

Then he offered to take $100 off. But still, $150 for the guy to take his drill and break our lock to let us in. It took 5 minutes. How did he even know we were the legal tenants? To get a new lock, I was quoted at $150 from a different locksmith! Nick went to Home Depot, bought a lock for $20 and did it himself.

I bought a Snoogle to help me sleep more comfortably the last two months of this pregnancy. It did not come cheap. It was $50 with one of those 20% off coupons. I’ll let you know how it does in action. Is it big enough!? lol.

Snoogle Review

At Whole Foods, I made the most “Basic” purchase after I discovered my love for pumpkin spice lattes. Yep. I had never ordered a PSL until this fall. I had one from Appleton Cafe with almond milk, not Starbucks, and fell in love. I looked on Starbuck’s website to learn theirs has 37g of sugar in it for a tall! Instead I bought this, and am immediately in love. One serving has 50mg of caffeine, and pregnant ladies are good up to 200mg.

Califa Pumpkin Spice Latte

Props to Califia for removing carrageenan. I stopped buying their almond milk because I noticed it was in it, but since has been taken out. Same with Blue Diamond as a heads up. There are 12g of sugar in the Califia Pumpkin Spice Latte and it was less than $5 on sale which is the same as a PSL at most coffee shops.

Lastly, I kicked my feet up to watch some football and eat tortilla chips with salsa like Nick while he was at Yoga. Felt like quite the role reversal. Is this the new normal for the next 2 months? I guess I did go to Spin in the morning 😉 Still felt funny.

Feet Up Football Shot

I love lazy weekends as I know they are limited…

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