Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine today

This weird world of blogging and vlogging had me so convinced I had the perfect job to be a work from home mom.

HAH! Silly child. I’ve definitely written that exact same sentence above 10 times in various blog posts on this site.


Currently, I’m on the cape.

Last week, I was back in Boston for a tooth filling that I had to schedule two months out because the dentist I go to is apparently that busy. Turns out, during the two months it got worse and the dentist said I need a root canal and then a crown.

Great, because I already had a ton of spare time to sit in a dentist chair for two days worth of work.

My insurance is weird and no one carries it. Cue scramble to find a good doc to do a root canal… that takes over an entire day. Get said procedure done by an amazing practice above Citizens Bank on Boylston to then find out your insurance is exhausted and you will now have to have original “busy” dentist provide a crown that will cost approx $2300 out of pocket as well as an additional 2 dentist appointments that will take at least 3.5 hours total. You’ll also need to a babysitter for the two appointments for at least 5 hours, add an additional $100.

On top of this fun that I’ve been scheduling, I also have a toddler who sleeps for like 90 minutes a day, just enough for me to answer emails and maybe start a blog post. Emails are getting backed up. Dates are being forgotten and phone calls are nonexistent. Who has times for those anyway?

Tommy no longer let’s me run with him and I don’t really have time to work out because I’m so behind with my work. By the end of the day, I’m so exhausted from carrying a 30 lb kettle bell child everywhere that I just want to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and go to bed by 9 pm. It’s now 10 pm and I’m writing this post.

I am struggling to fit in workouts without my babysitting at the gym. I miss my gym and studios. Do I want to pay a babysitter to come over so I can workout? I guess I do but if I’m paying someone to watch Tommy, I’d rather be doing work.

I stopped nursing too and just feel like Ive put on 10 lbs in the past week from stress, lack of workouts and dedication to wine and chocolate to manage said stress.

I’m looking forward to fall already when it won’t be 80F in Boston and I can actually enjoy being in the city again. I’m also planning to hire help more regularly since we didn’t get into any schools and momma needs to work.

I’ve been saying this for like a year but I mean it this time.

Fit momming is doable with my city set up. Cape life, not so much. Makes me not want to leave the city that much more and hire a full-time sitter here in the cape for the rest of the summer or go back to our un-air conditioned city apartment.

Maybe I should put the summer sitter money towards a good window AC for the city?

But I enjoy the cape so much when I’m not working and so does Tommy. When we go to the beach, it’s the best. I can relax and Tommy has a blast. It is tough balancing what I want, what I should be doing for work and what I should be doing for Tommy. Obviously what I want usually doesn’t happen which is why I haven’t been working out. Nick is in the city and we alternate on the weekends who gets to sleep in so I only have one morning to actually workout on my own if I choose. In the city he would go in to work at 9 vs 7:30/8 so I could take classes once a week. But down here, I have no classes to go to or anyone to watch Tommy for me to do a workout on my own outside… hence the nap time workouts I post on Instagram which I’ve had to stop because I have to use nap time for work. If only Tommy would be chill and sit and watch me workout?! lol….

I almost deleted this post before hitting publish and decided, no, I’m gonna publish because so many of you left amazing comments on my Momming Ain’t Easy Instagram today. If this comes across as whining, I’m sorry. Feel free to blast me in the comments. I’m trying to do the best I can. I’m allowed to vent and really I’m only publicly lamenting so someone else doesn’t think they can be a work from home mom and have it “easy.”

xoxo to all the Work From Home Moms who feel guilty never giving their full attention to their work or child. Some days are hard and tomorrow we will feel better.

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