How I Finally Weaned My 18 month old

I didn’t plan to breastfeed past 12 months. I had no idea how hard it would be to stop either.

I think I can finally say that I have successfully weaned my 18 month old son.

Tommy at 18 months old is no longer breastfeeding! Here is how.

This picture was taken on his half birthday just a week ago! He’s getting so big. 

I was a little preemptive in April after returning from my cruise to announce we were done so I waited this time.

I first got rid of the night time feeding in May. I just had Nick put Tommy to bed when he was home to do so. Tommy then stopped tugging on my top or lifting up my shirt if I was the one to put him down to go to sleep.

During the day was easy to stop if we were out and about. The only real time he wanted to nurse was if we were lying on the couch snuggling, resting or even playing.

How To Wean a Toddler Boy 18 months old

The hardest nursing session for me to give up was morning because Tommy wakes up so early. Nick and I would be exhausted and bringing him into our bed, letting him nurse, gave us both another 20 minutes at least of lying in bed.

He would hysterically cry if I denied him milk in bed. So to break the routine, two weekends ago I told Nick I was done and that he had to get up with Tommy whenever that was.

Let’s call Saturday Day 1. On Day 1, Nick got up with Tommy in the Cape and at first I think they watched an episode of Sesame Street because Nick enjoys cuddling with Tommy and that’s pretty much the only way he will sit and chill with either of us. They played outside too before I got up. I successfully didn’t nurse at all on Saturday but was so engorged and uncomfortable that I self expressed in the shower until I felt OK.

Day 2, Nick again got up with Tommy. They probably did the same thing. When I got up shortly after, I let Tommy nurse for 4 minutes after breakfast. I timed it. I either was going to have to express or let him nurse so I chose nursing.

He didn’t ask for any more milk and if he seemed like he might I just said, “All gone,” or “You’re a big boy now, you don’t need any milk.”

Tommy then started to point to my mom’s chest and say all gone (lol). And then mine as well in the afternoon and at night.

How I weaned my toddler at 18 months old

Day 3, Nick got Tommy again in the morning but I let him nurse for 3 minutes after breakfast. Day 4 he was down to 2 minutes and then by Day 5 and 6 it was just 1 minute. Days 7 and 8 I got up when Tommy woke up and just never let him think about it. He asked and I said no gently and distracted him with a toy or food.

On Day 9, Tommy came into bed with us after waking up super early and didn’t even request to nurse. Same thing happened Day 10. Day 11 he asked to nurse and I said no. Tommy proceeded to give me the cold shoulder (lol).

I haven’t had to pump at all and haven’t felt engorged. I think we finally are in the clear. Now I’m curious when my cycle will return. It’s been 2 years since I last hung out with flo.

Figured I’d share this on here since quite a few of you had asked for an update on my Instagram. Hope this helps at least of you. I would have happily kept going but I am flying a couple of times in August and don’t want to bring a pump!

I’ve noticed already I’m not as hungry which is kind of usually and unexpected. Now I think I have to be a little more mindful of my dietary decisions which is a bummer. Many of you said you weren’t able to get back to your pre-baby weight until you stopped so I’m very intrigued by what is next.

Got a question? As usual leave it below.

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how to wean a toddler

How I Finally Weaned My 18 month old

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  • Emily

    Good job Mama!I I nursed my daughter for 14 months and was so happy to say goodbye to the pump but a little sad during the last nursing session. I also noticed a little boost in my energy when i was “done, done”.

  • Julia

    He is soooo cute! You should be incredibly proud of nursing him until now. However you choose to feed your child, you do you!

  • Daniela

    Way to go mama, that is an amazing accomplishment! I nursed my son until he was a little over 12 months and stopped because my milk supply had dropped. As far as weight/fitness goes….unfortunately I gained about 7 lbs back. While I was nursing I was below my pre-baby weight. I have noticed that I am struggling with keeping my weigh balanced I seemed to fluctuate more now and in general am struggling with losing that last ‘5 lbs’. Good luck and you look great no matter what!!

  • emily

    how did you stop nursing before nap time? my daughter is 15m and I would love any advice. I am ready to be done, but like any toddler she has other plans lol

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