Yesterday, I took the train down to NYC for a YouTube partner meet up and Holiday party tonight. I had never been to a YouTube meet up before but was excited to meet some of my favorite partners.

The big time partner that was there was Michael Buckley or What The Buck. I didn’t realize this but he actually grew up in mid-cape! He is one of the few big time YouTubers that has not made the move to LA. It was refreshing to hear that he too likes his east coast life and will not be moving any time soon. A YouTube staffer interviewed him on stage and he is just as entertaining in person as online.

I also got to meet Francesca of Chescaleigh. She was chosen as one of the YouTube Next Up finalists back in May that I was in the running to receive. I didn’t get it in May but I was selected to host the Next Up Trainer show on the YouTube Channel that features Bex. She is a great fitness YouTuber who I’ve supported since her early days. I was excited to finally meet her in person but for some reason I didn’t get a picture of us together!

The meet up was great and allowed for some good networking that I’m excited to explore. It was definitely worth the trip. When I found out I’d be in NYC, I reached out to Theodora to see if she wanted to hang out and perhaps let me crash on her couch with Bailey. She came and met up with me and the other YouTubers for an open bar happy hour!

picture borrowed from 🙂

Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Blue Ginger (no relation to the one in Wellesley). I made Theodora try seaweed salad for the first time. I can’t believe she had never tried it! Then I proceeded to order everything on the menu. Kidding, but check out how much we had. This was first time I didn’t finish all the sushi that I ordered!

It was so freaking good. This morning I took a class at Soul Cycle. I burned over 550 calories in 45 minutes! Holy cow. To be honest, I was going to write a long review of it but it wasn’t that great. It was a spin class with loud music and 5 minutes of arm exercises with 3 lb weights which were a joke. I couldn’t hear the cues and wasn’t sure if I was doing the “push ups” right but , if you don’t live in NYC, you are not missing anything. Soul Cycle was a great spin workout with loud music and no lights but nothing out of the ordinary. I have not sweat that much in a long time however. Have you tried Soul Cycle? It’s not the I didn’t like it, I just expected more of a difference from a regular spin class.

Congrats to Hilary who won the Dicks Cottons shades! I’m going to leave the City Sports $100 Gift Card open until tomorrow morning since yesterday and today’s posts were very delayed due to my NYC travels.

YouTube NYC Partner Meet Up & Soul Cyle Review

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  • Caitlin

    I’ve heard of Soul Cycle from many an NYC blogger but have never been that interested in trying it. I don’t really like the idea of the weights + spinning unless it’s a weight workout following a spin class. Plus you’re right -- 3lb wouldn’t be enough for me! I know everyone is different but maybe they should have more options.

  • Laura Wilson

    Im not from NYC and have never tried soul cyle; however, I took a spin class during my undergraduate days in Mississippi and the instructor liked to take a few minutes out of every session to do light weight arm workouts while spinning. I found them to be awesome, but I’m a multitasking sort of person. I did find that these light weight sessions were best when she worked them in later in the workout when we were already tired. She also let us pick our own weights for these high repetition sessions, but I found when you are at the end of a good work out AND doing high repetition arm exercises you really don’t want a very heavy weight. I think I maxed out at like 8lbs by the end of the semester.

  • Kristy Doyle

    LOVE Theodora! She’s so inspirational! Also, I love seaweed salad, but it always gets stuck in my teeth so bad. It doesn’t stop me from eating it though.

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