The Ultimate Fit Gift Guide

Wouldn’t it be easier if everyone just gave you a list of what they wanted for Christmas with the location where it could be purchased and for how much? Roomie actually does this. I go through the list deciding what I want to get, see what deals I can find and then spend accordingly. I don’t buy everything obviously, but they are the easiest gifts to buy. Unfortunately, most people are not like roomie. That is where gift guides come in handy.

City Sports asked me to put together a list of the ultimate gifts for fitness enthusiasts. In return, one you get a $100 gift card to City Sports! I thought, “How perfect for my 12 Days of Fitness Giveaway!” Below you will find my top gifts for runners, yogi’s, swimmers, cyclists and gym rats. I tried to think outside the box. Sure we all would love to have new clothes but I find clothes are difficult to buy for people. I decided to stick to ideas that you might not know exist. Some are pricey, some are not. Let me know what is on your list below to enter to win the $100 gift card to City Sports.


The ultimate gift for a runner is heart rate monitor. I asked for one a few years ago with the chest strap and it was not accurate or reliable. Now that I have one, I hate leaving home without it. A heart rate monitor is ideal for anyone that wants to improve their running for races, loves numbers, wants to know how many calories they are burning, improve level of fitness and if it’s gps equipped know their speed and distance.

My top picks are the Polar FT40 which is not GPS enabled. You can however buy a Polar chest strap that connects with a Nike plus chip in your shoe. If you have an iPhone that you run with, you do not need the GPS. I find some of the HR monitors with GPS are bulky and I’d rather run without it.  For just the basics and under $100, I also like the FT4.

I wear a Polar FT60 but they don’t have it for sale at City Sports.


I fell in love with yoga last year however I found that no matter which mat I brought to class, I was always slipping. A good yoga class will build a sweat. A slippery mat will ruin your flow. Many of the seasoned yogi’s had a YogiToes Skidless Mat Towel. I didn’t want to spend my money on a mat to go over a mat I already bought. However, that makes this a perfect gift. The soft towel prevents hands and feet from slipping in downward dog position and also absorbs sweat.

Skier & Cyclist

As a vlogger, I always have a camera on hand. I tried to shoot myself skiing last year and it was a dizzy experience afterwards. The Go Pro HD Hero 2 is an 11 megapixel HD camera that people can attach to a number of equipment pieces like their helmet. The camera takes 10 images per second (if you’re not into video), is 3D capable and weather proof. If you plan to do any extreme sports in the near future, it’s a must have item. Having the experiences on film will pay for itself in no time. You also highly increase your odd of ever becoming YouTube famous.

Gym Rat

You probably heard me talk about this last year, but the TRX Suspension Training device is a slam dunk gift for the gym rat who is always traveling or wants to workout at home or outside. Originally used by marines to stay in shape on location, it’s now coveted by New Orleans Saint Quarterback Drew Brees. It comes out to being about the price of a 2 month gym membership (if you live in Boston) but is well worth it. I love using the TRX.


Many of my readers who have knee or other joint issues want to know how to get in their cardio without running. One of the best exercises is swimming. If you know someone who loves to swim or recently started getting into it, try the Speedo Biofuse Fin to give them more of a lower body workout in the water. While you are constantly using your upper body, adding some fins is like adding some weight to your strength training.

To be entered to win the City Sports gift card, let me know down below what fitness gift is on your list this season. Did I mention City Sports also sells Uggs, North Face, and other amazing non fitness gifts?

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