1st Time Mom vs 2nd Time Mom VIDEO

At a prenatal yoga class, a first time mom asked me if it was easier the second time around. Bahahahaha…

“What? No! Now, you have a toddler to keep up you on your toes when you used to be able to sit back and relax!”

There are many differences between my pregnancies as I’ve alluded to my Instagram stories. I’m very lucky to have pretty easy pregnancies for the most part. I’m able to continue working out with minimal morning sickness and don’t have the horror story ailments. That isn’t to say this pregnancy is a walk in the park!

Here is a fun new video for you guys comparing my first pregnancy to my second!

1st Time Mom vs 2nd Time Mom VIDEO

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  • Delia

    This was so cute & all true! Who did we think we were declaring all these logical parenting decisions -- ha! The nursing while a toddler runs around part was the biggest joke for me; ha sure, try it, if you want to go mental while watching your toddler climb the walls as you sit trapped on the couch, half undressed, while a baby wails in your lap -- hilarious!

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