Daily Challenge: Share a Positive Benefit of Exercise

Today’s Daily Challenge is to share 2-3 benefits of exercise with others. I am sharing my top 3 favorite benefits I get from physical activity and exercise on my blog and on YouTube! Although small, these little changes make a big impact.

1. Increase in energy. Exercise is so important in my daily living that without it, I would be a lazy blob. Seriously. I’m not naturally energetic, it’s exercise that helps me wake up and feel like I could talk your ears off!

2. Boosts my mood (Decreases depression). When I’m stressed out or feeling down in the dumps, exercise is what brings me back to life. From a broken heart to lost job opportunity, working up a sweat helps me clear my thoughts and appreciate what I’m doing for myself.

3. Burns calories, maintains weight, keeps me happy with my body. This one is pretty obvious. I’ve always been active and without exercise, I would gain weight fairly fast because I love to eat. When I want to lose weight, I honestly just cut back the food because I genuinely love exercise and will always do it. I won’t always say no to dessert though 🙂

Since the challenge is to share a positive benefit, I decided to share it on my blog and on YouTube. Watch the video below to see my challenge dominated!

To get involved, first sign up at DailyChallenge.com and follow the directions for today’s challenge of sharing 2 to 3 benefits of physical activity and exercise. Also, add me as your friend!

How to do today’s challenge:

Think about one big benefit you experience when you’re physically active. Is your mood improved, your energy renewed, or your sense of accomplishment greater? Are you closer to your goal or helping your health? Then express why this benefit matters to you. Tell yourself in a self-addressed note or letter you can refer to later for motivation, or share with others via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or face-to-face.

Why it Matters:
It’s easy to get sidetracked from exercise if you’re pressed for time or don’t have much energy. Sharing the ways that physical activity makes your body and spirits feel better reminds you of the pluses, which plants them more firmly in your thoughts and places importance on fitting physical activity into your schedule.

Fun Fact:
Exercise burns triglycerides, an unhealthy fat that can increase your risk of heart disease. By being more active, you lower your risk.

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