This weekend I met up with some healthy bloggers, 

This weekend I met up with some healthy bloggers, Theodora ,Lizzy and Becky. It was my first time meeting Theodora and Becky.  Liz and I have an awkward number of  mutual friends and probably ran track against each other in High School although we don’t really remember.  Theodora is a fellow Tumblr who was visiting from NYC and Becky is a running blogger from Rhode Island.  

We had lunch at The Met Back Bay which probably makes my favorite salad in Boston right now.  It’s a chopped salad with beets, bacon, cheese, and every vegetable possible.  It’s also just $10.  Liz took pics of all our meals (Thank you!) and you can see what the other girls got here.

I love meeting local bloggers because when we talk it’s like we’ve known each other for years since we’ve been following one another online for months.  

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