$3600 Value Giveaway | Ford Warriors In Pink Pedego Electric Bike

I can’t believe I’m giving away a prize on my blog that is worth $3600! Thanks to the Ford Warriors In Pink and Pedego Electric Bikes, there is an awesome giveaway going on right now on my YouTube channel featuring an electric bike.

The bike works like it is half motorized scooter, half beach cruiser. It zips along effortlessly and is way more fun than it should be. Ideal for commuters who want the exercise but don’t want to show up to work sweaty, the Pedego bike allows you to get from point A to point B faster while also giving you some of the same benefits of physical exercise which include reducing depression, alleviating stress, producing endorphins and helping fight against diseases like breast cancer.

As many of you know I am a Model of Courage for the Ford Warriors In Pink where I help promote breast health awareness. They offer a variety of breast cancer awareness apparel and accessories at FordCares.com. What I love about the Warriors In Pink is that you get to choose where the net proceeds go – with 4 different options including the Dr Susan Love Foundation, Susan G. Komen, Young Survivors Coalition and The Pink Fund.

How do you give someone with breast cancer a good day?

People with breast cancer have good days and bad days. Simple acts can help give breast cancer patients more good days. I’m asking you guys to share on social media how you use exercise to have more good days using the hashtag #MoreGoodDays. Ford Warriors In Pink will donate a free ride to a cancer patient to get to and from treatment for every tip shared! To enter the contest to win the bike watch the video or fill out this form here to be entered to win!

Learn more about The Warriors In Pink and my role as a Model Of Courage here.

$3600 Value Giveaway | Ford Warriors In Pink Pedego Electric Bike

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  • Drew

    #MoreGoodDays riding my bike to work means no matter how busy I get I always workout to and from the office…also sets a great example for others.

  • Emily

    To have #MoreGoodDays I walk to work every morning and call my mom. It’s a tradition we started when she began treatment for breast cancer so that we could spend a little time together even when we were far apart. Now she’s one month into recovery after a year and a half of treatment and we still talk every morning on my way to work!

  • Jill B

    #MoreGoodDays I go to the gym every morning (ok -- most mornings) while my husband and kiddos are still asleep. I am able to get a good workout in without losing time that I want to spend with my family.

  • Sarah S

    #MoreGoodDays -- I take breaks throughout the day to walk around my office building -- it helps me get some fresh air and focus better when I get back to my desk!

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