The Heaviest I’ve Ever Weighed

It’s funny how when you get pregnant, there are some things you never forget to do, like taking a vitamin every morning, yet you forget other things that used to cause severe anxiety like moving your car for street cleaning.

I’ve been pretty religious about tracking my weight since the second trimester. I haven’t weighed myself on a regular basis in a very long time yet it’s one of my favorite things to do now in the morning. I currently weigh the most I’ve ever weighed at 155 lbs. This is an odd feeling. I’m not embarrassed but actually quite proud. I should note, I’m 5’4.

Pregnancy Weight OviaI feel like there is some sort of pregnancy pride these days to gain as little weight as possible or to look “tiny” well into the third trimester thanks to a few notable Instragrams. Or maybe I just put pressure on myself because I named this blog – Sarah FIT.

I thought the weight gain aspect might be hard to embrace during pregnancy – and it is when you try on clothes and you just feel like you look fat vs pregnant – but I love how relaxed and kind I’ve been to myself. I eat clean and healthy 80% of the time but I enjoy my treats without restriction. If I want that cookie, I’ll have it. My weight gain is right on track and I’m happy that I’ve been able to provide the extra lovin’ to my little guy.

Also, there are more risks to your baby associated with too little weight gain as opposed to too much weight gain. I’ve got another 10-15 lbs (and 14 weeks) to healthfully go and if I gain more, I’m not worried about it.

I’ve been using different apps to track my weight, my meals and fitness during pregnancy. Mostly I use Ovia for the pregnancy stuff and Wellcoin for the food and fitness.

It’s fun to keep track of the fitness and food without having to log any calorie info or worry about “going over your sugar” limit. <- Although this may change after my glucose screening next Friday.

Wellcoin Food Upload

Ovia assures me that I’m on track with my weight gain and I earn rewards through Wellcoin to use at some of my favorite places, like Whole Foods or Thirst Juice Co. While I often forget to take pictures of my food or workouts, knowing I’m earning Wellcoins helps me remember to do it!

Prenatal Yoga DVD

With my pregnancy, I’m not focusing on calories burned during workouts or consumed during the day. I eat until I’m full which sometimes means large lunches and small dinners.

Afternoon Snack

I’ve never been more in tune with my hunger levels. By taking pictures of my meals using Wellcoin, I don’t have to worry about photo exposure or how appetizing my salad looks because it never does but it challenges me to stay accountable with myself.

Also, I like logging my workouts because I always like to look back at my training plans for races for future reference.

This month, Wellcoin has a bunch of awesome rewards you can earn by logging your healthy activities. Once you earn enough Wellcoins which are used as currency in the Wellcoin Marketplace, you can snag your free reward. Here are just a few currently available in Boston:

  • Complementary Custom Salad from Angora Cafe -> BU Students should be all over this one
  • 5 Free Yoga classes at Prana Power Yoga
  • Free Puma IGNITE PWRcool Women’s Running Shoe
  • 2 Free Pure Barre Classes at the Newton, Wellesley or Brookline locations
  • $10 Sports Authority Gift Card
  • Free Apple Ginger Lemon Tumeric Shot at Thirst Juice, Co
  • $10 off at Whole Foods in Brookline, Charlestown, Cambridge, Newton, Somerville and more


You just need 2000 Wellcoins to earn the $10 Whole Foods gift certificate and since I am one of Wellcoin’s ambassadors, I’m giving you 500 Wellcoins to get started. Just use code SARAHFIT500 when you sign up. Download the app here or visit to join me in earning rewards for our healthy behaviors. You can follow me here on Wellcoin.

Trying to keep track of everything, laundry, vitamins, grocery shopping, etc is becoming exhausting. I need motivation and constant reminders. Pregnancy brain may not be an official diagnosis but I sure am lacking in the memory department lately. Why don’t you make yourself a healthy snack to bring to work this week? Here is a new recipe video from my YouTube channel featuring a raw, vegan, gluten free energy ball made with dates, cacao, coconut, and almonds!

What about you? Did you track your weight gain during pregnancy and did it bother you? Do you feel the increased pressure to keep thin throughout the 9 months?

The Heaviest I’ve Ever Weighed

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  • Sara @SaralouYoga

    Thanks for being so honest and transparent about your pregnancy weight…I always love reading other mamas journeys before I prepare for my own one day!

    and I also love energy balls so I need to check this one out!


  • Meagan Leanne

    The heaviest I weighed was just a few months ago! I’ve lost about 15 pounds since and I’ve been trying to document the journey. Losing weight is really hard but I’ve been inspired by reading your blog and others and getting to know some fit people who inspire me to keep going!

  • C

    LOVE this post! It’s amazing how excited I am each time I go up a pound (especially since I gained 0 during 1st trimester and was concerned about it at first), after a LIFETIME of “watching” my weight and celebrating loss. I also have noticed how much more time I’ve spent with my own naked body since becoming pregnant (between weighing, applying stretchmark oil, looking in the mirror at progress, feeling too bloated for clothes some days, etc), and how comfortable I am with my body, even more so than when I was at my fittest! It’s insane how your entire outlook on something as vital as the body you live in can completely shift once you realize what amazing feats it truly can perform )

  • Ashley @ Sweet Carolina Belle

    I love your refreshing and honest take on pregnancy weight gain. I am currently in that awkward pregnant or just fat phase of pregnancy and sometimes it is hard to embrace the growing number on the scale. Thanks for the tip about well coin looking forward to giving it a try.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve been tracking my pregnancy with a few different apps, but also keeping with my fitbit tracking. Just signed up for Wellcoin with your code!

    Slightly worried that I haven’t gained enough weight…my doctor hasn’t said anything yet, but I think I might not be eating enough. I try, I swear! I eat a lot, but maybe just not doing it right :/

    Hooray for gaining weight!

    • C

      Stephanie, as long as you eat when you’re hungry, you should be fine! My doctor said he’s more concerned with people gaining too much than too little before 3rd trimester, as long as you are eating you should start packing on the lbs however YOUR body decides to do it during 3rd trimester, every body is different…and every pregnancy is different! I was my mom’s 2nd child, and she was concerned she wasn’t gaining with me and her doctor back in the day told her to eat more…she did and then she had more weight to lose after giving birth than she did with my brother because she had eaten to gain instead of just eating when hungry. Your body knows what to do, just listen to it 🙂

  • Katie @ Live Half Full

    I’m 37 weeks pregnant and I’ve been weighing myself once per week and I’m surprised how calm I am about the entire thing. I’m within the range my doctor suggested and like you, I treat myself and feel good about it. Now that I’m near the end though, I’m gaining weight way faster as my swelling increases which is a little frustrating! I’m definitely feeling pregnant now. 🙂

    • Sarah

      If it makes it any easier (and I’m sure you already know this) but it’s mostly water weight that will shed as soon as you give birth. I know that doesn’t really help with the comfort levels though now :/

  • Melissa

    I think it is SO important that we (as a society) talk about pregnancy weight gain. It’s important for women to know that gaining weight is normal and healthy but also that keeping that weight in a healthy range is so important for mom AND baby. I’ve definitely gained more weight than I wanted to, stopped working out sooner than I should have and generally feel less than stellar about my body and all its extra fat stores but I also know that I need that fat to support my little babe now and during breastfeeding. It’s such a selfless act to put on some extra fat pounds along with all the other weight associated with pregnancy, don’t ya think? 🙂

  • Ellen @ Wannabehealthnut

    Admittedly, I weighed myself almost daily during my pregnancy. It was more about curiosity than it was about the actual number. I was happy with my 27-lb gain and the way I was able to enjoy myself without guilt while also eating well *most* of the time. Striking a healthy, but relaxed balance key! You’re doing great!

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