5 Shocking Weight Loss Truths You Don’t Know | VIDEO

I’m happy to say that I think the unicorn frap craze is over. I posted about it on my Facebook page to share that a grande simply had 59g of sugar, that’s more than 3 snickers combined. A lot right?

I chose to link to a post from PopSugar whose headline read something to the effect that one sip might give you diabetes. I honestly didn’t notice the headline and it has since been changed but people were NOT happy with me for choosing this particular article… Angry Facebook

For some reason, I can’t comment as my page but only my personal FB account via my phone – Sarah Elizabeth is me above. I like to have some privacy on the interwebs, haha.

There were about 2 other angry comments and are available publicly on my Facebook Fan Page to see but I get so frustrated when people who follow me online accuse me of something that is totally uncharacteristic of my channels. Someone got angry at me for shaming sugar consumption but they forgot to read the end of my post that said instead of having the unicorn frap go and eat some real ice cream…

After I responded defending that I did not mean to infer the drink would cause diabetes but just to share the grams of sugar in it, they backed off and appreciated my prompt response.

Anyway, back to the comment above. I was shocked that this person said I was not trying to help and inform the eye balls that “like” my page. I had already shot the video at the bottom of this post. Here is what I tried to share in my response embedded below:

Fed Up is not a new movie but it’s still so relevant. Many of you reading this probably have seen it already and know that just because something is “all natural” or low fat does not mean it’s “healthy.” I have friends asking me for weight loss advice all the time and I’m still shocked that they don’t know some of these truths that I’ve known for years.

The government is not always thinking in your best interest – shocking, right? I was being sarcastic there if you couldn’t tell. So why do we still believe everything they say when it comes to our diet?

Side note, I remember coming home from college freshmen year winter break and having a bowl of Kashi GoLean for breakfast and lunch to lose weight. It didn’t work. Obviously. But according to the box and government recommendations, it totally should have! My meals were packed with protein and fiber and low in fat and calories. I know at least one of you reading this probably did something similar in college, maybe with Special K if it wasn’t GoLean, right?

Anyway, today’s video was inspired by the Facebook post above talking about 5 shocking weight loss truths that you probably still don’t even know about.

I really am trying to do my part. I don’t think I’m shaming people for eating sugar, especially if you are reading this, you know that.

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Here are a few links that I mention in the video too:

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