I’m So Glad I Went

I never thought I was a cruise person so when Carnival asked me to go on a week long vacation, I at first said no.

This post is not part of the campaign and not sponsored just thoughts on the trip that other new moms or young women might be curious about… 

Fist, I was paranoid about Zika. Nick are I are not “trying” but I was still nervous about long term effects if one of us was infected. After talking to my doctor, I was told that I would have to wait 6 weeks after getting back to start trying and that Nick would have to wait 6 months if he were to get infected.

Second, I also was/am still nursing so I felt bad leaving Tommy. Who was going to take care of him? Should I bring him?

I started to think about scenarios of how I could pull it off. Should I bring Tommy and Nick? We already had booked a couple of trips including London in May and San Francisco. Nick works in finance and couldn’t take another week off.

Should I bring my mom with Tommy? She had her own trip planned however that coincided.

Then one night out I had an epiphany… What if I went with a girlfriend and left the boys at home to fend for themselves!? Nick has taken a few boys trips since Tommy was born but I have only travelled for work. This was technically a work trip but felt more like a vacation (and it was more like vacation than work).

My girlfriend Anne Marie said she would love to join me and Nick’s mom said she was more than happy to come and stay with us to watch Tommy while Nick was working. Thank god for grandparents!

sarah and anne marie

I told Carnival, “YES!” and am so glad I did.

The trip was awesome. You hopefully saw that on my Instagram page and stories. It was like Mom Spring Break. Anne Marie and I first became friends the summer after my freshman year of college. We worked at the same restaurant and would work the breakfast shift regularly hung over. We bonded quickly and have been friends ever since. I knew she would be a great companion on the trip because we always have a ton of fun together.

In regards to my early hesitations, I never saw a mosquito once! We didn’t go on any excursions that brought us away from the beach and every day at 4pm we were back on a moving ship with enough windy to keep them away if they were even near by. I meant to bring bug repellant but forgot. There really wasn’t a time though that I was nervous at all.

Tommy also did great with his grandma. He is at an age where he doesn’t need breast milk and even though he had zero milk (breast or cow), he made up for it in cheese and other foods. In fact, I was told he ate more than he ever has before. I came back well rested and excited to spend time with my monkey again. I didn’t realize how rejuvenating a vacation away from your child could be.

The first night home I went to nurse him before bed and he turned me down. I was heart broken! When I left early Sunday morning for the trip, I wish I had known it would be the last session. I shared my emotions on Facebook even.

Then, the next morning which was Easter, he was back to his old self, loving his milk again. I should have known. I feel like he wants milk now more than ever before.

Tommy Easter Smiles

Does this look like the face of a boy who didn’t see his best friend for a week!?

I said I was going to be done at 12 months and here I am at 15 and it’s hard for me to see the end but I so dearly want the end. Yes, even though I was so sad when I thought he had weaned himself.

Moral of this blog post, I am so glad I said yes to this opportunity even though my first reaction was, “No. I’m a mom, I can’t do that.” I have a bunch of posts coming up over the next month from thoughts being away from Tommy for so long, my fit and healthy adventures on the cruise and more. Stay tuned… 🙂

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