5 Surprising Reasons You Gain Weight!

At the beginning of the summer I felt like I was in close to the best shape of my life. Although, I knew that it likely wouldn’t last…

I didn’t intentionally want to gain weight but I know that there are events throughout the year that hinder my weight loss/maintenance goals.

Do you know what they are?

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5 Surprising Reasons You Gain Weight

#1. Change of Seasons

Summer might be the season to wear bikinis, but for New Englanders, it’s also a sprint filled with beach weekends of ice cream, lobster rolls, and rose! I always enter fall a few pounds heavier. While summer may be my kryptonite, suckers for cider, pumpkin spice everything and Halloween candy can make Fall a temptation filled season. Winter brings the comfort food cravings and holidays, lack of outdoor activity with snow days cooped up inside. I guess then Spring is the one season we are “expected” to be healthy?

sarahfit bikini

#2. A New Job

New jobs are stressful! You’re figuring out a new routine and sometimes that comes with a longer commute, earlier wake up call or longer hours (or all of them!). It can be easy to skip your workouts when this sort of new schedule presents itself. I don’t blame you!

Take a couple of weeks to figure out the routine, when your coworkers squeeze in workouts and then take action. Maybe it means working out before work, during lunch or joining a coworker for workout classes after-hours. If you are plagued by long commutes and have kiddos, my best recommendation is getting up early (before them for a quick workout) or doing the lunch time grind if possible. It’s hard to find a new routine but if fitness is a priority, you’ll make it happen. If it’s not, work on the diet and avoid office cupcakes!


#3. Travelling

If it’s for work, you likely have client dinners and long days. If it’s for fun, it’s probable that you are living it up from cocktails by the pool to desert every night. For me, I can’t stop eating on planes!? What is it with boredom and high altitude. I also have a tendency to get colds when I travel and then don’t want to eat well or workout even if I had good intentions!

It’s important for me to practice an immune boosting routine when I travel. This consists of taking a vitamin C supplement, Ester-C. Unlike other vitamin-C supplements, it stays in your system for up to 24-hours providing around the clock immune boosting support. It’s an essential in my carry on bag! I try to maintain a consistent daily routine that involves a healthy diet and exercise but it’s not always when I travel so I do the best I can.


To see the last two reasons you might be gaining weight, watch the video below or click here to watch over on YouTube!

This video is sponsored by Ester-C. All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you want to take a Vitamin C supplement, this is what you need to be taking! I truly believe in this product and the only reason why I would do a sponsored post for them!

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