Week in Workouts: How Much I Really Workout

I’m so glad you all have been loving my nap time workout videos and Istagrams! Some people have asked if these 10 minute workouts are all I really do and so I wanted to write a dedicated blog post to my realistic routine.

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Why quick HIIT workouts?

Routine is a funny word actually to a newish mom. I haven’t had one all summer and is why I like doing short workouts.

I never know when I’m going to have time to workout and often nap time is when I am able to get work/laundry/eat lunch type things done. I don’t want to waste it all on a workout. Sometimes I would only have a 45 minute nap window. This is how/why I started doing short HIIT workouts. I continue to do them because I see results, like said results and like how I feel during and after

How much do I workout each week?

Ok so when I am in Boston, I try to go spinning once a week at Recycle, sometimes twice. It’s good interval cardio with one song dedicated to arm strength exercises and there is babysitting for Tommy. This class is 45 minutes long.

I also try to take at least one other class at BTone which is megareformer Pilates class, aka Lagree Method aka the hardest/most effective core workout in Boston. This class is also 45 minutes and I dedicate a lot of my ab strength to going just once a week to this class.

On the other days, I supplement with shorter workouts that are max 30 minutes long. I’ll run with the jogging stroller, or do my signature nap time HIIT workouts. The HIIT workouts are a combination of just bodyweight or dumbbells workouts.

On the cape, I obviously don’t have spin studio or BTone so I alternate between jogging stroller workouts and HIIT workouts.

cape cod jogging stroller chicco tre

The jogging stroller workouts are either steady state runs because I just want to break a sweat and reap the feel good benefits of exercise rather than weight loss or increase my endurance capacity. If I wanna burn more fat with my running, I’ll do intervals switching between two workouts: ‘running fast for 30 seconds and walking for 30 seconds (15-20 rounds)’ or ‘running fast for 1 minute, jogging slow for 2 minutes repeat 10 times.’

I do these running workouts in the cape 2-3 times a week. I rarely run in the city anymore.

Here is last weeks workouts which had me in Boston for part of the week:

  • Monday: Rest/taught my Mommy + Me workout in the city ( I do like 20% of the workout teaching)
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am Spin class at Recycle Studio (Tommy came with, $10 babysitting)
  • Wednesday: 6 am Pilates with Nicole at Btone (Tommy sleeping with dad at home)
  • Thursday: I think I jogged with the stroller 30 minutes steady state… can’t remember!?
  • Friday: Nothing
  • Saturday: Interval run 30 minutes (sprint 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds x 15 plus 5 minute warm up jog and cool down)
  • Sunday: Ran 1 mile, played Tennis for 30 minutes

So how many days a week do I workout? Well, as I said above 2-3 days I do 45 minute workouts and then 2-3 days I’ll do shorter ones that range from 10-30 minutes. I take 1-2 days off a week.
Sarah Fit Plank Maroon Pose

Is 10 minutes really enough to see results?

For the HIIT workouts, sometimes they really are just 10 minutes but usually they are 20-25. I will do two of my HIIT videos back to back with a short water break in between.

I do think you can get results with just 10 minutes a day as long as you are challenging your body. If you find the work is too easy, you will not see a change in your body. Lift heavier, jump higher or do another set/round. Losing weight is 85% diet.

If you are never ever sore, you’re probably not seeing results as fast as you prefer. I’m not saying no pain no gain, but DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is a sign that you’ve pushed yourself enough to change your body. I am sore probably once a week or every other week. I’m definitely not always sore from HIIT workouts and that doesn’t mean they aren’t helping me get the results I want. But if you are NEVER sore and NOT seeing results, then it might make sense to increase weight load or intensity, or find a new trainer/class.  ????

So if all you have are 10 minutes to workout, choose a routine that is difficult like this one. Save ones that you enjoy and leave you sore the next day to repeat. Focus on diet and you will see results.

I hope this was helpful, and if you have any other questions leave them down below!

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