80’s Pool Party Costume & My First Half Marathon!

A friend of mine has a pool party labor day weekend each year. After missing the past few, I was super excited to be able to make the first themed party, which naturally was 80’s. I wore a shirt I bought in Nantucket with a jean skirt, neon skinny belt from Old Navy, neon blue mini shoulder purse from Target, awesome sunglasses from a SoyJoy box of goodies, awesome earring I bought in California with Cher, and a headband across my forehead with a side braid. 80s Pool Party 2

In past years, I always get thrown into the pool or voluntarily go swimming so I didn’t want to use a crimping iron. I did my signature braid but more off-center and more handing down in front of my face rather than to the side like I do in my videos. 80s Pool Party Costume

For the afternoon, I brought an awesome neon yellow mesh sweater I bought at Old Navy in April for my trip to Mexico. Elizabeth brought the best party prop, a floating flamingo koozy! I was drinking a coconut vodka with soda and a splash of pineapple juice at the time this shot was taken. 2012 09 01 15 41 24

It was a great ending to a busy summer. I moved into my new place this week and am waiting for internet. I decided to give Verizon and Direct TV a chance since I’ve been with Comcast forever. The had a cheaper package and better TV offer. I’m more concerned about the internet but I think they have a 30 refund policy if it’s too slow for uploading videos. I’m most excited to eat food made in my own kitchen again!

I went running this morning and tried to do my old route. It comes out to about 5 miles, up 2 from my old apartment. I’ll have to find a new shorter loop for my booty call runs. Today, I did my favorite cardio interval workout.
2012 09 06 09 08 42I’m excited to see if it is helping make me faster. I’m scheduled to run a 10K next Saturday in Canton with Fitfluential and Reebok in the Canton Road Race. A few weeks later, I’m running the Tufts 10K for the 3rd year. Less than a week after that, I’m running my first half marathon in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Marathon! I’m excited, slightly nervous. Have you run a half marathon before with 20,000 people? Are you running any of the races above? If so, I’d love to have a mini meet up so leave a comment if you are!

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