Ugh, Sorry Guys! PVBody Change

So I just got an email and immediately started writing this post. When I first learned about PV Body at FitBloggin, I thought the idea was genius! I, of course, wanted to be a part of it. I did a little post and got you guys a pretty good deal. A few readers sent me emails to share that they had less than stellar experiences. I just got an email from pv.Body saying that they are no longer going to be sending out name brands like they promoted, but their own brand, a new brand named Ellie that has yet to be seen. Ellie

To be honest, I feel like this was a bait and switch strategy. There were over 70 of my readers who signed up through my promotion and now you are scheduled to receive two items from a line you have never heard of or seen. Maybe Ellie is going to be amazing and I hope it is but I personally find it in distaste to get people to commit to a reoccuring payment and then totally change the program. On the plus side, you do get to choose what you get. Here is what my email said:

Ellie is the newest brand in high-end, fashionable women’s athletic wear.  We will have more of what you love – fun, bold, and trendy fitness fashions with a variety of designs. With a new collection every month, Ellie will consistently deliver the latest styles that are exclusively for our members! You can expect to see top quality materials, durable stitching, and of course, the perfect fit!  The best part is that you will get to choose which two pieces you want each month!

Starting February 1st, the pv.body site will redirect viewers to Ellie.com and current pv.body subscriptions will begin receiving theEllie clothing line in their packages.

To be honest, it was kind of a genius idea. “Let’s get everyone to sign up, thinking they are going to receive Lululemon for $40 and then once they sign up, let’s send them our brand instead! A month later, let’s raise the price to $50.” If you signed up through me, I apologize. I never would have run the promo if I knew this would happen. I’m sorry guys! I hope you understand this was a HUGE mistake on my behalf.

UPDATE: Hope from PV Body has left a few comments below so make sure you check them out for an explanation and the companies side of the story. She has been really helpful as well in trying to resolve some of your issues! Thank you Hope for stopping by to answer questions. I still support the idea of what PV Body was founded on, but just wish we could have seen the items before the automatic switcheroo. I think doing so many deals and promos when you first start a business may not have been the best idea for keeping up with orders and satisfying customers.

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