Perfectly Imperfect

When it comes to getting in shape for photo shoots, I have amazing self discipline. When I don’t have a shoot that is in sight, I tend to care a little less about what I eat or drink. Right before the holidays, I was asked by a friend if I would be interested in helping shoot a few pictures for her magazine cover for their health issue. Of course, I said yes. As luck would have it, I was still feeling good about the weight that I lost for the BeFit series. We shot for two days, one at a rock climbing wall in an MIT building and one at Back Bay Yoga studio. I loved the shots but had to wait and see if the publisher agreed.

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Finally, the magazine came and sure enough I was on the cover. My first magazine cover! I’m wearing an Oakley tank top and DA Active capri pant. Panorama is for Boston tourists and available for free in hotels and touristy places like the Prudential Mall. My friend, the editor, asked me for some tips on my favorite healthy places in Boston for her article. When I opened up the pages, she gave me credit too! When I went to get a juice this morning at one of my recommended spots, they had the article framed on the countertop with the cover next to their feature. It was awkward for me, but one of those experiences where I’m sure I’m the only one who notices.

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Since the magazine came out, I’ve been getting a lot of congratualtory texts from friends. It’s exciting but part of me feels fake. Since the shoot, I’ve celebrated two holidays, had more sugar in the past month since well, probably last Christmas and feel like I no longer look the part as I do in the photo. Many of my videos are shot in bulk and uploaded at later dates. Often when a video comes out, it was shot over a month ago. We of course shot a ton right when I got back from LA because I needed them for the New Year but I also wanted to.

I’ve spoken about my hate for photoshop in the past, but really in a digital world, we are the editors of our lives that others view and perceive to be true. Detagging an unflattering picture on Facebook is similar to what Photoshop can do. While you may not like the way you look, only allowing flattering images to be seen, you are manipulating the way people who do not see you regularly think you look like. Disclaimer: The cover photo is barely photoshopped. See my Instagram below for proof. 

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When a company asks to send me a product to try, I usually say no if I think it’s not consistent what I preach on my blog. I’ve tried to be selective and only work with products I would buy on my own without any pr rep telling me to. However, as of lately that would include the pretzel M&M’s I had at the movies, the diet pepsi I had on my flight back from Utah and oh yeah, my friend Katie who makes amazing cookies. I used to hate on Hungry Girl posts that were not clean but truth is, I don’t always eat clean. If you know me in real life, you might be thinking to yourself, “No sh*t.” But if you just read my blog or watch my videos, it may (or may not) surprise you.

I started my blog as a way to help you learn to love fitness, get a body that makes you feel confident and empowered, discover new healthy and delicious products or recipes and learn to love yourself. In 2013, I’m going to continue to help you eat clean 80% of the time.

The other 20% of the time, in my life I kinda of feel like a hypocrite. While I do try to stay away from artificial sweetener, I chew gum on a daily basis. I’ve tried the kind not made with Splenda or aspartame but it’s just not the same, not even close. Sorry. Sometimes I just want a good diet soda. I probably have one, about once a month. It’s like a treat for me, kinda like a cupcake but without the 300 calories. This year, I’m not going to be ashamed of having it! I’m not going to hide it on my blog either.

Imperfect Sarah Fit

In 2013, I’m going to be honest on my blog. I’m not going to feel guilty about not still looking the way I did a month ago for a photo shoot or not practicing entirely what I preach. I can change my mind about my health and fitness beliefs (heck, even my political ones are changing). There is nothing wrong with us for having too many cookies at the party or feeling like we are having a “fat day”. We want people to think we are always in control and when we are not, we often feel ashamed. This year, things are going to change. We are perfectly imperfect and that’s the way I want to be. Life is a journey and to not enjoy the things you truly love is depressing. I’m cool being 5 lbs heavier than my “shoot weight” enjoying them.

Do you have a secret vice like my gum addiction? Share below why you are perfectly imperfect or on twitter #perfectlyimperfect.

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