Affordable 4G, Lorna Jane and Protein Bar Reviews

Last week, I was out in LA for a business trip. If you were curious why I was there, I was shooting a fun little web video for a new phone by TMobile, the myTouch. It’s a pretty cool 4G android phone that is being sold for $49. It’s really easy to learn how to use as well. Those are their selling points. You guys know I use an iPhone but just like I don’t tell everyone to shop fully organic, I can’t tell you all the get an iPhone because I know not everyone can afford the price tag of one. In less than 10 minutes, I was pretty efficient in using the phone.

There is a cool feature that is voice controlled called the Genius button. You press it and say something like “Fitness Studio.” Up pops Yelp with a list of fitness studios that were near me at that moment. Pretty cool, huh? This would have been handy while I was driving around LA trying to find Yogurtland without breaking the law and using my phone while driving.

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The shoot was in Santa Monica. My call time was 7:30 AM, which wasn’t that hard for me since I try not to get on the new timezone when I travel west. Yet, I still needed a jolt of caffeine courtesy of Starbucks.

2012 08 24 08 00 20

We shockingly began shooting right at 8 AM and were done before 10:30 AM! That never happens in the video world. The only glitch during the day was courtesy of nature. Apparently there are lots of seals in the Santa Monica harbor. We had to wait to shoot a few times because this large sea creature was paid a visit by 4 smaller friends. They were wailing loud and forced our production to be put on hold.

It was cloudy and not very warm, unusual but I was prepared thankfully. I brought along my MTX light weight sweatshirt that layered adorably on top of my pink Lululemon top.

2012 08 24 08 00 46

After the shoot, I had a “business” lunch at Mendocino Farms. I got the same thing I did last time because it was so good! I hit up a Mendocino Farms last time I was in LA back in November. With some time to kill before my flight, I did what any girl would do… SHOP! I saw a Lorna Jane store and had to stop in.

I knew Lorna Jane made cute fitness clothes but wasn’t familiar with their style. Holy cuteness. I loved the trendiness of the clothes but yet they are still practical for working out. The black tank above is the Kenzie Tank and looks like it’s on backorder on the website.

2012 08 24 15 10 05

The the feminine ruffles, rouching, and bright colors! Hot pink running shorts are a sure way to get noticed when you pass people. I may have to buy myself a pair before my next race. I also stopped into a Whole Foods to pick up some snacks. I am not sure if the WH in Boston has the same variety but I spent a little too much time picking out the perfect bar for a snack on the airplane. I ended up getting a total of 4, which by now have all been eaten so I can give you my opinion. Wanna see what they look like outside the wrapper? Follow my tumblr or instagram accounts. I bought all these bars on my own.

2012 08 23 14 52 26

The Luna Fiber is like a Nutra-grain bar but WAY MORE delicious. It tasted awesome. I loved the taste. It is the least nutritional of the bunch however with 110 calories and only like 1 g of protein. The nutrition I posted on my Instagram pic.

The CoGoBar was surprisingly filling! I had it this morning for breakfast. It’s gluten free and vegan I believe. It was under 200 calories and a great breakfast. I will buy this again for sure.

I did not really like the Rise breakfast bar in honey almond to be honest. I like other Rise bars, so I think it was more of just this flavor. I didn’t take a picture of this one because I ate in the car after the wedding on our way back to Boston before my delicious brunch.

The Health Warrior was interesting. It was unlike any other bar I’ve had before. It was primarily made with chia seeds which made the chewing process mind consuming. I was deep in thought with what was going on in my mouth. Were the chia seeds expanding? Were they stuck in my teeth? It was good and only 100 calories. I good little snack. I ate this one the plane which means it tasted different than it would had I chosen to wait until landing to eat it. Your taste changes when you are in an airplane above ground thanks to the cabin pressure and altitude.

Have you tried any of the bars above? If so, let me know. What are your favorites?

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