Backyard Country Wedding in Vermont

So I know this is a fitness blog, but I had to share the gorgeous pictures from a wedding I went to this weekend. It was for two of Roomie’s college friends up in Vermont at the groom’s family farm. It was the most picturesque wedding I think I’ve been to. After landing back in Boston at midnight on Friday, I woke up for a quick 5 mile run before we headed up to Woodstock, Vermont for our final wedding of the summer. 2012 08 26 09 33 42

The atmosphere was embraced with locally inspired cocktails, woodsy chairs, mason jars and of course, flowers. The ceremony and reception were held outdoors, the later being under a tent lit by chinese lanterns hung throughout with trees wrapped around each tent pole. Out chairs were adorable, hung with our names. 2012 08 27 12 02 44

During the ceremony, the family horse attentively watched the couple exchange their vows. I couldn’t help but wonder if he would say “Nay” during the ceremony but he was well behaved. 2012 08 25 17 44 35

The band played well into the night and we danced all night. The food was terrific and it was a great ending to a busy wedding season. It was probably the most unique wedding that I have been too. I can’t image the logistics that it takes to plan a wedding at your own home but it was a perfect setting.

The next morning, we came back to Boston and decided to try brunch at Gaslight Bistro. Boston Magazine recently named the restaurant as having the best brunch in the city. While Roomie was not crazy about his Croque Madame, I loved my Truffled Eggs Tartine with Asparagus. The french onion soup was also amazing!

Gaslight Brunch

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