Nutrition 101: Protein Study Guide

In High School, the macronutrient I always looked at on a nutrition label was fat, thanks to the low-fat diet craze. In College, it was fiber and carbs courtesy of Weight Watchers and Atkins. Post college I studied nutrition and fitness more, getting certified to be a personal trainer and reading countless articles in Oxygen, Women’s Health, Self, Shape, or Fitness Magazine. Eating a clean diet that usually consists of 35% of my calories coming from protein (128 grams) has been a key factor in my ability to maintain my post college weight loss and active lifestyle.

Since June, I’ve written 8 blogs posts with information and proof showing why protein is not a fad but here to stay. Here is a quick run down of the information:

Eat This For More Energy and Weight Loss

It’s the Energy For Everyday Contest! My summer challenge to all my viewers!

Check out how I used protein to power me through my move last month!

In college, I would create myself little study guide outlines to help remember the important stuff. I thought you all might appreciate this:

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Premier Protein. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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