Aloha from Kona!

After 11 hours of flying, I arrived safely in Kona. I wish I could have taken pictures while landing on the big island! The airport is located on an old lava field, looking like the surface of the moon.

On the flight, I brought along my own snacks of course. I picked up this bar at Trader Joe’s. It tasted great and was sweetened with stevia and only 220 calories!

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US Airways did not have internet or a plug for computer so I spent the majority of my time, brainstorming video ideas, reading and deleting pictures from my iPhone.

When we arrived, we went to dinner at Hugo’s on the Rocks. It was gorgeous! I tried the poke which everyone recommended before I left. The view was unbeatable and at 7 pm there was a hula show the demonstrated the history and how to. I filmed a lot of it!

hugos kona hawaii

This morning I went for a 6 mile interval run. Afterwards, I finished with 3 90 second planks, and 3 60 seconds side planks. I baked a batch of my high protein blueberry muffins which made for a perfect recovery meal. @SarahFit Instagram

I’m off to the expo to check it with media credentials. Life is good!

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