Meeting an Ironman Celebrity, Chrissie Wellington

This morning, we headed to Lava Java for some breakfast. Since I went running early, this was my second breakfast. I opted for a big bowl of fresh tropical fruit. The coffee was delicious. They had packets of “Stevia in the Raw” which I used to hate, but it tasted quite good in the coffee alone. There was no milk for some reason out at the counter and I was too lazy to wait or ask. They must have reformulated the recipe or my taste buds have changed because it did not give off that terrible stevia aftertaste it used to! Either that or the Kona coffee is just that good.

Lava Java

I opted for just a big bowl of fresh tropical fruit. It was some of the best tasting pineapple I have ever tasted, perfectly sweet but not overly tart. Afterwards, we headed over to the Ironman Headquarters for Press registration. Kona Registration

We received large backpacks that fit my entire purple Reebok backpack inside! I feel kinda guilty carrying this around seeing as I did not train and am not running the race. It kinda makes me feel like a poser, taking credit that I don’t deserve. Then again, I do not look at all like the Ironwomen so maybe I’m not fooling anyone. Who knows?

Before I left, I watched a video on last year’s competition. Chrisse Wellington came in first for the 4th time despite a bad bike accident a few weeks prior to the race. She was signing her book and Katie, my Timex ambassador roommate, could not have been more excited. 

IMG 0164

Chrissie is a well known Ironman celebrity. She just so happens to be @ChrissieSmiles on Twitter and now I can see why. Here Katie is pictured below after Chrissie signed her book. I think Chrissie looks more excited than Katie to be taking this photo!

Chriss Katie

Chrissie is not running this year which opens the door for a new champion! 

The Big Island is gorgeous and we took the opportunity to snap a group shot of the Timex Ambassadors. Here we are below, Me, Jackie, Ken, Katie, Jane and Ryan

IMG 0157

I’m off now to the parade of nations! It’s only 4:15 pm here (10:15 at home). Aloha. 

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