Back To School College Diet Preview

Whether you are mourning the loss of summer or celebrating the start of a the school year, a new journey has begun.  Fall is the most hyped season when it comes to fashion.  Magazines are the thickest and fashion shows are abundant.  Rather than wait until the New Year to start your resolution, start now!

*to get the free shirt & college plan, you must sign up through SarahFit.com!

This Friday, I have a very exciting plan created specifically for those of you back to college.  Avoid the Freshmen 15, or keep off the weight you lost the summer!  The plan includes meal ideas for dorm rooms and the dining hall.  I’m in love with it really.  While you may have to wait until Friday to hear more about it, I can give you one detail that I want you to start preparing for.  Find a race this Fall or early winter that you plan to challenge yourself with.  It can be a 5K, the Urbanathlon, a half marathon, a triathlon, whatever.  I want you to find a race that is at least 6 weeks away.  I have a special shirt for you to wear if you buy the plan offered on Friday.  It’s hilarious and the best shirt I’ve seen at any race!  I promise. If you can’t wait until Friday to buy the diet plan, feel free to order today or this week, and I’ll make sure you too get the plan and shirt.  The first 25 will be given the shirts for free.  The next 10 will be given free fitness DVD’s.  You must sign up through my site however, otherwise I won’t know who bought through my site and who did not, i.e. if you do not buy through my site, you will not get a shirt or DVD.  To order, click this link.

I am running the Chicago Urbanathlon on October 15th.  Until then, I have a scheduled fitness routine for each day.  It helps keep me motivated and I know it will help you too, once you schedule that race.  To find one near you, check out Active.com or CoolRunning.com.

Every Fall, I also renew my vows to eat clean.  I’ve been doing well since I last shared my goal.  With the exception of one Margarita and a lollipop, I’ve been great sticking with the plan.

I may no longer be in school but September is still the start of my Junior League duties.  I’m very excited this year to be apart of two committees.  As many of you know, volunteering is something I love to do.  I applied to be a coach for the Girls on The Run but was not selected, most likely due to my inability to commit to 2 times a week, including Sunday afternoon, with my Urbanathlon obligations.  I also would have had to sign a non compete with their sponsors and since that is how I make a living, would not be smart on my part.  Lucky for me, with the Junior League, I’m on the Kids In The Kitchen committee.  I’m not sure what we are scheduled to do yet, but to my knowledge, we go around to different schools or organizations, teaching girls how to prepare healthy meals and choose nutritious affordable foods.

What are you most excited to do this fall?  Are you starting your senior year in college, running your first half marathon or did you join an organization like me that kicks off during the fall?

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